SHOW # 1619 DECEMBER 5 2012

79 years ago today, the 21st amendment to the Constitution was ratified... officially repealing the 18th Amendment.  In other words, 79 years ago today, Prohibition ended and booze was made legal once again, after 14 years of being a federal no- no.  As of tomorrow, at least here in Washington, weed will be legal for you to enjoy.  You can't smoke it in public (think of it like the open container law) but who cares; you can have to an ounce for personal use.  Women; they spend their lives dreaming of and planning for their wedding day... the moment they walk down the aisle and all eyes are on them.  That's why the latest fad, "trash the dress", takes us by surprise.  I mean, the ladies diet for months, spend thousands of dollars on a dress (that they will wear ONCE) and then get photographed ruing the thing.  Why spend the money?  Ah, and we have a black President.  There's a connection here:  WHAT DID YOU SEE IN YOUR LIFETIME THAT YOU THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER SEE?
Never thought he'd see Danny Bonaduci survive into adulthood... but there he is
Never thought he'd agree with anything Bill O'Reilly would ever say... but there was a moment where they shared the same sentiment
Saw an Asian woman with "big, bumpin' booty"
Didn't think he'd ever see the Seahawks in a Super Bowl.  On the other hand, he's now waiting to see the 'Hawks WIN a Super Bowl
He's from Montana and moved here recently... can't believe that chewing tobacco is as expensive as it is
Saw a huge fireball in the sky years ago with his mom... there's some debate about whether it was a meteor or a satellite
Was in Iraq for 15 months and actually saw snow... first snow in Baghdad in 82 years
Saw a guy commit suicide in Hawaii when they jumped off of a building... he didn't WANNA see it, but he did and never thought he would
A different person in Hawaii saw a dead body in the water.  This should be great for tourism
Saw his grandfather burst into flames while working on a car... the good news is, 'stop- drop- and- role' works
You know, today was actually a downer of a show.  well, not entirely, but most of the answers were kinda distressing.  Seriously.  Oy.  Oh well, we asked the question and we got answers. 
Alright bitches, time to head into the evening. 
Until tomorrow, spark it up at midnight and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/05/2012 5:24PM
SHOW # 1619 DECEMBER 5 2012
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