SHOW # 1620 DECEMBER 6 2012

First there was the impending closure of Hostess... which led to a run on Twinkies, Ding- Dongs and Ho- Ho's, in spite of the fact that no one had bought these things in years.  But like anything, we tend to want things just because we're told we can't have them anymore.  We found out yesterday that longtime KOMO tv and radio personality Ken Schram, the man behind the Schrammies, will be leaving his position on Monday... after more 3 decades.  Seems his position has been eliminated.  Like the guy or not, we bet you'll miss his skewed commentary... even if it's just because you enjoyed disagreeing with him.  And everyone in the Seattle metropolitan area seems to love the guys behind "Almost Live!".  Doesn't matter how long it's been off the air.  Well, John Keister and company will be returning with a new sketch- comedy show in January with a show called "The 206".  Sometimes you don't realize that you liked or appreciated something until that thing isn't there anymore, be it your mother doing the laundry, a dishwasher or Wonder Bread.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT DO YOU MISS NOW THAT IT'S GONE?
Misses his driver's license... got a DUI and has had it suspended for the last 5 years
Original McDonald's original fries, when they were cooked in good, old fashioned animal fat
Misses aggressive defenses in the NFL... it's not that the players have gone soft, but thanks to Commissioner Roger Goodell and his phony 'concern' for players, many of the league's new rules effectively eliminate defense
Altoid's gum... they discontinued the gum in 2008.  I've never even heard of it but they described the gum as being like having 10 altoid mints at once with a mouthful of Listerine.  Sounds like it hurts
Misses his money and dignity... lost both in a divorce.  That is the real beauty of gay marriage; the court system can't do what they do now and simply reward women for being in a relationship, they'll actually weigh the merits of the two people involved and act accordingly.  Seriously, men will benefit from gay marriage based on the fact that courts can't just play the gender game.  About time.
Pay phones... ah yes, back in the days when people had PRIVATE conversations on the phone
Video game arcades
Lived with 2 hookers before he got married... misses those days and we all know why
Misses the days of smoking in bars
In spite of 7 years having gone by, he still misses, desperately, his wife's boobs.  She used to have 36 GG's, but she had a breast reduction and now sports 36 C's.  He misses her huge boobs so, so very much
You know, I'm gonna leave with you with boobs.  You're welcome!  I love boobs.  (.)(.)'s
Until tomorrow, hit it, quit it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/06/2012 5:34PM
SHOW # 1620 DECEMBER 6 2012
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