SHOW # 1623 DECEMBER 12 2012

Manuel Trevino, of TV's "Top Chef", Chef Michael Lomanaco and celebrity chef Bobby Flay have all joined forces with a 13- year- old girl in petitioning the toy company Hasbro to create a gender- neutral Easy- Bake Oven.  Yea, I know what you're thinking; 'how did I miss this very important news?'.  Well, I dunno, but understand that Easy- Bake Ovens come in only 2 colors; pink and purple... and that's just not manly enough for your average 6- year- old boy.  At any rate, Hasbro hasn't responded yet, but the chefs are hoping that their "star power" will be enough to bring the company's attention to this remarkably stupid situation.  Some little boys like to wear girl's clothes, but RuPaul is demanding that Mattel make Barbie more Tom-boyish.  Just sayin'.  Hell, I've seen men reading '50 Shades of Gray', women who like power tools, I've met gay Republicans, etc.  Today we wanted you to fill in the blank:  ALTHOUGH IT PROBABLY WASN'T MADE FOR ME, I SURE LOVE ME SOME ____________.
He's a rural white guy originally from Silverdale, currently in Montana... and like an old black lady from the south, he loves himself some Collard greens
She wears men's underwear under her sundresses in the summer... we'll assume she's talking boxer- briefs and not tighy- whiteys, but who knows?
College student who enjoys single malt scotch... as opposed to red Bull and Vodka or other amateur drinks.  Drink like a man. 
Penis... he's gay
She's a woman who loves sports
Uses lady razors on his face.  I've used my wife's razors in a pinch and they suck
Women's "Secret" deodorant... he's 34 and has been using it as long as he remembers, which makes me think that 'secret' is only a secret if guys use it
Eats Gerber banana baby food on his peanut butter sandwiches.  In the last 2 years I've had the "privilege" of sampling many- a- different baby foods, and I'd have to say that the banana is the best... or, it sucks the least
Bull riding... she's a she
Alright bitches, I'm out. 
Until tomorrow, why have you forsaken me... but STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/12/2012 5:53PM
SHOW # 1623 DECEMBER 12 2012
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