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We bitched yesterday about ESPN 'apologizing' to Miss Alabama on behalf of announcer Brent Mussberger, who recognized, publicly, that Miss Alabama is a good looking woman.  we should point out that Miss Alabama, herself, was offended and was actually flattered by the remarks of Captain Obvious.  See, she knows she's hot because she was selected as Miss f**king Alabama.  We also know she knows she's hot because she chose to try out for Miss Alabama in the first place.  Just sayin'.  Nevertheless, ESPN "believes" that Brent crossed the line.  You can still walk their halls playing grab- ass and calling women "sugar t*ts", but don't ever say that Miss Alabama is good looking.  WTF?  Meanwhile, the Seahawk's Richard Sherman got punched in the face by the Redskin's Trent Williams after their playoff game because Williams just couldn't take the trash talk anymore.  The NBA's Carmello Anthony was suspended by the league after he went looking for the Celtics Kevin Garnett for a fight.  Why?  Well, earlier in the evening, during the game, Garnett, who is not a cannibal, mentioned to 'Mello that his wife (Mello's) tastes like Honey nut Cheerios.  ???  And secret whore, Taylor Swift, apparently wrote a song for her most recent ex, Harry Styles of One Direction, called "You're Lucky to Even Be with Me".  Maybe she said the same thing to Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Cory Moneith, Jake Gyllenhall, Lucas Till, Toby Hemmingway or Connor Kennedy.  Anyway, apparently her song has caused from friction.  Whatever.  Today's question:  WHAT DID YOU SAY, OR WHAT DID SOMEONE SAY TO YOU THAT CROSSED THE LINE?
OK, so there were all types of answers to today's question, but instead of repeating them, I'll try to wrap them all up with one, long- winded piece of advice:
Don't call your son's girlfriend "trailor trash" unless you've always dreamed of watching your mother wrestle your girlfriend in the middle of a living room. 
If you're adopted, don't yell to your mother, "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOTHER!"  It doesn't end well and it'll make things uncomfortable.
Don't call your girlfriend's mother a drunk... even if she's a drunk.  Let me rephrase that; don't call your girlfriend's mother a drunk if your girlfriend can hear you.
Even if your friend is a "chubby chaser" (enjoys women of larger carriage), when he marries a woman of larger carriage, don't tell him that he "finally bagged the whale"
Just a PSA:  women don't laugh at rape jokes... even if it involves religion
If a coworker has a disabled child, do not mention how you would have aborted the fetus instantly if you knew you were gonna have a "retard".  WTF is wrong with people.
Don't joke that you f**ked someone's mother... really don't do it if their mother died a few days before
Kyle is a comedian brining his stand- up to Tacoma this weekend.  The guy f**king hilarious.  Don't believe me, YouTube his ass and try not to laugh.  Anyway, he stopped by today and had a few chuckles (and beers) with us.  Great guy. 
Check him out
I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, rip it out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/10/2013 5:26PM
SHOW # 1637 JANUARY 10 2013
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