SHOW # 1643 JANUARY 18 2013

"Hola, According to a British survey, one in nine men secretly wear makeup.  We're not talking about news anchors or theatre majors, we mean regular men... well, as regular as any guy who wears makeup.  Why do they do it?  Same reason women do; to fool other people into believing they look better than they actually do.  Speaking of the effort to look good through artificial means, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery just released the results of their analysis on plastic surgery worldwide.  Exciting sh*t, I know.  Anyway, to the shock of absolutely no one, America leads the world in plastic surgery procedures.  And then there's Lance Armstrong.  Lance recently wasted everyone's time confessing to Oprah what everyone in the world (except Oprah) already knew; he used performance- enhancing drugs in each and every one of his 7 Tour de France titles.  It's hard to say it gave him an unfair advantage since virtually every biker involved in the Tour de France was blood- doping, but it was still against the rules... and he lied about it.  Whatever.  We've all taken some liberties with the rules or the truth, and today we wanted to know how, when and why:  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO GET AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE OR ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE?
Today has been a bit of a clusterf**k for reasons I won't get into, but that is my excuse for the brevity of today's blog.  I apologize for that.
Before I sail off into the sunset of a three- day weekend, let me first say GO RAVENS!!!!!  Should the Ravens take out the Patriots on Sunday (and they should) Miles and I will be heading to the Super Bowl.  Just sayin'.
Bitches, enjoy the weekend.
Until Tuesday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

01/18/2013 5:28PM
SHOW # 1643 JANUARY 18 2013
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