SHOW # 1649 JANUARY 29 2013

So we got an email from a Boeing employee who works at the Renton plant.  He pointed out that he and the 5000 people he works with enjoy our show and listen everyday.  However, as of today, they will be listening no more.  Why, you ask?  According to the emailer, a certain someone complained to the 'ethics' office, saying that our show is "offensive", and now we're banned from the ENTIRE company.  We don't know what we said or what we did (you know how that goes) to earn this distinction, but now we know.  On the other hand, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knows EXACTLY what he did to earn the ire of the city of New Orleans... and while he spends the week in the Big Easy in advance of Sunday's Super Bowl, he'll be lucky to get served food or a drink at any local establishment.  Bars and restaurants across the city have posted pictures of Goodell with the message "Do not serve this man."  Gotta love that.  Anyway, today we wanted to know:  WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DID TO BE NO LONGER WELCOME?
Thrown out of a restaurant for smoking... a joint... at the table.  Haters
Dated a sherrif's daughter (which seems like a really bad idea to me) and after breaking up with her, he was thrown out of the town.  The TOWN
Trashed several golf carts and, believe it or not, that got him thrown off of the golf course
Kicked out of a comedy club for Long Island Ice- T fueled heckling
Banned from Papa John's... he was delivery driver who caused too much trouble
Filled in as a DJ for his buddy at a bar.  Big fight broke out and had to testify in court against his buddy's boss and the bouncers.  No longer welcome at the bar
Banned from Caesar’s Palace AND Treasure Island in Vegas after being accused of counting cards.  He wasn't counting cards, he was just winning
Intentionally burned down a Nativity scene outside of a church in Canada... was kicked out of Canada
Flashed a camera... at an amusement park and is, inexplicably, banned from the park.  I'd ban any good looking woman who DIDN'T flash... but that's just me
Dropped the "N- bomb" at Ezelle's and got banned.  That is the WRONG place to drop the N- bomb
Alright bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, tug it in private and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/29/2013 6:14PM
SHOW # 1649 JANUARY 29 2013
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