SHOW # 1655 FEBRUARY 7 2013

A 9- year- old Mexican girl is making headlines after she gave birth to a bay girl of her own last week.  Apparently, she didn't know she was pregnant until her 7th month... and that happens to coincide with the time the biological father split town.  The father, by the way, is 17- years- old.  She's not alone... unfortunately... as another 9- year- old, this one in China, gave birth in 2010 and just last year, a 10- year- old Columbian girl had a baby.  Ahhhh kids!  Earlier this month in Pittsburgh, a 6- year- old girl who's not very fond of her mother, stole mom's car and attempted to drive across town to see her father.  I say she 'attempted' this feat because, well, she drives like a 6- year- old girl... and she crashed on the way.  And this past July in Centralia, you might remember the 13- year- old boy who got a dragon tattoo on his chest.  His mother was less than enthusiastic about it.  We've all made, or continue to make our parents angry, but disappointing them is even worse, and that's today's question:  WHAT WOULD YOUR PARENTS SAY WAS THE TIME YOU DISAPPOINTED THEM MOST?
Sorry bitches, got very distracted today.  Just so you know, I'm on f**king twitter now.  If you care, hit me at @thrillkisw.  Currently soliciting help for my erotic novel. 
Until tomorrow, rock on and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/07/2013 5:39PM
SHOW # 1655 FEBRUARY 7 2013
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