SHOW # 1657 FEBRUARY 11 2013

Today is the Monday Random Question, which is difficult to translate to the blog.  Actually, that's not entirely true, and by 'not entirely true', I mean it's more effort than I'm willing to put in.  Instead, I'll share some limited details of my weekend, but only because you asked.
It should be noted that my weekend sucked the wrong end of donkey genitalia, however, I did manage to be mildly productive yesterday.  For quite some time now, I've needed to replace my glasses.  One reason is that my prescription was out of date, so it's been like wearing someone else's glasses, and the other reason is that I've needed my lenses shaded because I have cluster migraines.  They're like a constant migraine but not as bad.  So basically, they're a f**king headache. 
Anyway, I hit the mighty Lens Crafters at Northgate and went through the eye exam (required by law every two years) and I'm pretty sure the exam does more damage to your eyes than staring at the Sun.  There's this new thing called a retinal scan (or something) which, apparently is all the rage.  Its optional, but I'm for new things, so I figured what the hell?  I'm not saying DON'T do it, but...  I'm not entirely sure what the hell happened, but it's like a rave is thrown in your eye balls.  Multi- colored lasers shoot across your vision and then you have those annoying purple blotches 'conveniently' located in the center of your vision for about 2 or 3 minutes. 
Step two includes the line, "you're going to feel a little puff of air in your eyes".  'A little puff' is purely subjective.  It's kinda like someone sneezing in your eye from about an inch and a half away... but without the wetness.  I appreciated the lack of moisture, but still. 
Anyway, got that done and then waited 'about an hour' for my new glasses... after figuring out which frames I wanted.  Turns out that the frames I wanted are almost identical to the frames I already have.  so much for being for 'new things'.  At any rate, got the shaded lenses and they work miracles for the headaches.  I explained this to the nice young woman who was helping me and she offered this profound insight:  "you might be light sensitive."  Thank you, amigo, you've enlightened me. 
All in all, a fine experience.  You wouldn't know it from this blog, but they did a good job and, frankly, I can see now... and my head isn't killing me. 
Yea, that was pretty much my weekend.  Sad, yes?
That's what I've got. 
Until tomorrow, fight for your right and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

02/11/2013 5:26PM
SHOW # 1657 FEBRUARY 11 2013
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