SHOW # 1664 FEBRUARY 21 2013

If you ever need a good laugh, or, if you're desperately hoping that a total stranger found you attractive, the "missed connections" section of Craig’s List is just what the doctor ordered.  There's no end to the ridiculousness and the desperation of the posts, but that's what makes it so entertaining.  Well, the folks at "Psychology Today" decided to map out where people are attempting to find love by looking at the top spots for missed connections by state.  For example, here in Washington and to our south in Oregon, the most frequent place for a near miss is the bus, while, not- so- shockingly, in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana (ah- ah- ah!), Mississippi, West Virginia, Ohio, south Dakota and North Carolina, the most likely place to spot the person of your dreams is the paragon of sexiness, Wal- Mart.  Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, the state fair is the place to spot a sweet young thing.  In California it's the gym.  Seems that this country lives up to its stereotypes.  The thing is, you can't always predict where and how you'll meet the person you end up in a relationship with but everyone has a story and today we wanted to hear yours:  WHAT WAS THE STRANGEST PLACE YOU MET SOMEONE THAT YOU ASKED OUT?
Met his woman at a mental institution... yep
Got pulled over by the same cop twice... first time he got a ticket, the second time he got her number.  He actually TRIED to get pulled over the second time
Was talking to a chick at a fair when someone puked on her... I believe he asked her out anyway.  SEX- SAY!!!
Met her boyfriend at a "hook up" sight... supposed to be a one- night stand... been together for 2 years
Got rear- ended by a hot red- head... asked her out and hooked up for 8 months
Worked as a firefighter, was digging trenches during a forest fire... she was digging trenches too so he asked her out and she said yes
Met a guy playing "words with friends"... he moved here all the way from Florida.  Turned out to be a "loser".  What did she expect?  The guy is from Florida!
Like the first answer today, he met his woman at a mental hospital... unlike the first answer, they worked there
Met on a chat line and although she was supposed to hook up with a certain dude, she hooked up with the guy's friend... they're still together after 8 years
Met his woman in rehab... they were both there for smoking weed (??? there's rehab for f**king weed?  Really?!?) She taught him how to smoke weed better than before
Met a woman while in line at a Ron Jeremy book signing.  Note:  if you meet a woman who's in line for a porn signing, she's cool
Asked a plumber who installed a toilet in her home out for a date... he said no, but they're still in contact.  She really, really, REALLY wants to sleep with this dude.  I'm not guessing, she told us
Met his ex- girlfriend (they dated for 4 and a half years) at the funeral for a co- worker... you should know that she was the girlfriend of the dead guy.  I don't know what kind of game he kicked, but damn!
Oops.  Lost track of time.  Gotta roll!
Until tomorrow, screw salad and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/21/2013 5:59PM
SHOW # 1664 FEBRUARY 21 2013
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