SHOW # 1665 FEBRUARY 22 2013

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and like every year, they will honor those movies released between October and December that aren't exciting, but don't suck.  I think that's a pretty fair assessment.  If you happen to be an actor or deirector or any of the other cogs in the cinematic machine, winning an Oscar is affirmation that you, for a year anyway, were the best at what you did.  On that note, according to a recent survey, 89% of all men believe they are "excellent" at cunnilingus.  I'd admit it, I'm one of those guys, but I'll continue to believe it until I'm told different, so ladies, line up!  Anyway, we find it unlikely that THAT many guys are as good at it as they (we) think, but who knows?  I do know that I'm good at farting.  Not just my opinion.  Many of you offer up my name when it comes to farting competitions... and I thank you.  If there were an Olympics for drinking games, Thee Ted Smith would be the Michael Phelps of it.  We're all good at SOMETHING, even if the something is nothing.  WHAT DO YOU DO WELL ENOUGH THAT YOU DESERVE AN AWARD FOR IT?
Frankly, most of today's answers involved cooking.  Not very exciting, but we asked the question and those were the answers.  Being that today's question was inspired by the Academy Awards, we did get our hands on a list of Hollywood's best lovers... those people who are 'sexual dynamite'.  The list included folks like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lopez and a few others, but there were two people who were ranked the worst lovers in entertainment... and I'm happy to say that BOTH of these women were women who we've repeatedly insisted over the years are lame in bed.  They would be Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.  We have nothing against these ladies, but everything about their personalities suggests that they are unadventurous and boring in the sack.  It explains so much about them.
That's all I've got today, bitches.  Happy Friday and have a swell weekend!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/22/2013 5:12PM
SHOW # 1665 FEBRUARY 22 2013
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