SHOW # 1666 FEBRUARY 25 2013

Sometimes, the problem with work isn't the actual job, it's your co- workers.  Maybe they're noisy, or they talk too much... or too close. or maybe they smell like bad cheese; we have a list of the SEVEN bad habits that drive your co- workers crazy.  Then again, we all work so that we can have money to do the things we enjoy doing... like COCAINE.  Hell, Steven Tyler, front man for Aerosmith and doppelganger of the average white grandmother, admits that he's spent at LEAST five MILLION DOLLARS on cocaine over his lifetime.  The thing about cocaine (or so I've been told... *wink * wink *) is that it makes you horny, but sometimes it keeps you limp, no matter how aroused you might be.  But then, isn't that the inherent beauty of porn?  You don't always get laid when you want, but porn lets you pretend that you are... depending what it is that you like.  All these loosely connected points are based on some of the stories we read this weekend and all of them contributed to THE MONDAY RANDOM QUESTION:
As always, the Monday question doesn't translate very well to the blog, so apologies to Big Ben and everyone else.  No worries though, tomorrow is Tuesday, so all will be right with the world.
Until then, step to the left and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/25/2013 5:30PM
SHOW # 1666 FEBRUARY 25 2013
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