SHOW # 1667 FEBRUARY 26 2013

A bipartisan group of 13 House members introduced, what they're calling, the Medical Marijuana Patients Protection Act.  Basically, it would allow medical marijuana patients and businesses, in the 18 states that allow medical marijuana, to access and distribute weed without worrying about the Fed getting involved.  See, the feds still classify weed as a 'Substance 1 substance' (???) with "no accepted medical use" (???????).  Granted, these people don't consult DOCTORS, they obey lobbyists from big Pharma, so as outdated and as inaccurate as there assertions are, they stand by it, and with that, they can still mess with state rights... so this bill is asking that the clowns and lap dogs on the federal level stay OUT of STATE business.  That's really not asking too much.  Anyone who has ever gotten involved in someone else's business, or had the annoying misfortune of unsolicited input into YOUR business, knows the wisdom of minding one's own business.  Typically, dipping into someone else's personal stuff is bad news, and that is the meat of today's question:  WHEN DO YOU WISH PEOPLE WOULD HAVE MINDED THEIR OWN BUSINESS?
Had to retrieve some hidden weed in a crowd of people... he and his friends had hidden it the night before, when they went back to get it, it was located in the middle of a flea market.  They pulled it off
His friend's wife would never mind her own business and started commenting on the nature of his relationship with his girlfriend (taking it too fast, etc) and it ended up causing trouble
His step- mother... he'd finally landed some chick he'd been working on, and his step- mom asked the girl if she knew that he was only separated from his wife and not divorced.  Things ended abruptly
His wife, who has all manner of manic issues, had a freak-out in public... he did what he could to calm her down and get her home, but it was in front of 'witnesses' who didn't know the whole story.  spent the night in jail for domestic.  Eventually the charges were dropped, but still
He was on probation for DUI, but went out drinking anyway... a guy who he used to pick on in high school was also a probation officer and overheard him... in retaliation for years of getting picked on, the guy ratted him out for violating probation
His then- girlfriend's 21- year- old son would always end up "hanging out" at the house when he wanted to have sex with the kid's mother.  He'd have to bribe the kid to go away, but says it was worth it
Bought a pregnancy test at 19... cashier knew the family and told the family that she was pregnant.  She wasn't pregnant, but it caused the expected the drama
Had to take her 6- year- old son into the women's locker room at the YMCA... some woman got all igdignant and made a scene
Jolene came in today and did what we rarely do on Sit and Spin and brought in actual NEW music.  There was some Rob Zombie, David Bowie, Rush, Pucifer and more.  Check out Jolene's blog for the full list and info. (When she's damn well ready to post it)
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Tomorrow I'll be telling yo about the Blue Dart.  No, you probably don't know what it is, and that's why I will be telling you about it!
Until tomorrow, just do what needs to be done and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/26/2013 6:21PM
SHOW # 1667 FEBRUARY 26 2013
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