SHOW # 1668 FEBRUARY 27 2013

Most of us recognize that Drano is one of the common components in the production of meth... and if you didn't know, now you do.  Most of us also recognize that the people who choose to make meth aren't always the brightest minds.  Case- in- point, 6 people were arrested in Santa Rosa County for their involvement in making meth at an apartment complex.  Thing is, there was a child in the home and that child drank Drano.  Why?  Because, in spite of a child BEING in the house, these geniuses kept Drano in SIPPY CUPS... the multi- colored, plastic children's cups that all little kids use to drink.  The kid is currently in critical condition.  While this is an extreme case, everyone has accidentally or unintentionally consumed something because we thought it was something else.  Miles smoked crack because a guy he was partying with indicated that they were going to smoke weed.  ("Wanna smoke a bowl?")  My mother once at pot brownies because she thought they were regular brownies.  She had a great night that night.  ("Your friends are sooooo funny!")  And who hasn't gotten a mouthful of cigarette butts or spit because they thought there was BEER in that beer can?  And hell, if you live in Europe (thank you for listening) you only recently discovered that you've been eating as much horse as you have beef.  Burger King, IKEA and a truckload of grocery stores there have had to discontinue serving their 'beef' because there's so much horse meat in it.  Smoking, eating or drinking:  WHAT DID YOU INGEST THAT WASN'T WHAT YOU THOUGHT IT WAS?
Ate a cheeseburger that had acid in it... his friends were hiding it from the cops, but no one told him about it
Thought he was drinking apple juice... it was chicken grease
When she was 3- years- old, she drank an entire bottle of cold sore medication and was in the hospital for months as a result.  My question is; who in the family had the cold sores?
His buddy "clean" peed into a 5 Hour Energy Bottle and left it in the car for an upcoming drug test... problem was, he didn't know that minor detail and chugged it
Was in Sunday school ignoring the lesson on fighting temptation... and THAT'S why he ate a chocolate covered Brussel Sprout
Another guy fooled by 'apple juice'... it was Everclear.  To be fair, it was in an apple juice container
Thought he was gonna be eating pot brownies, but instead, they were 'shroom brownies... made for an interesting day
Buddy drank bong water because instead of being in a bong, it was in a Big Gulp cup (???)
To clear up his nasal congestion, he squirted some nasal spray... didn't work because he used his eye drops instead
Took a sip of his beer, but there was a wasp in it... stung him under his tongue SEVERAL times before he was able to spit it out
Smoked pot, but didn't know it was laced with PCP
Brushed his teeth with Ben Gay... on the bright side, his gums weren't inflamed
Brushed his teeth with diaper cream... nit very minty
Accidentally popped one of her kid's Ritalin pills... terrible night of sleep, great night of sex
Worst story of the day:  at age 6, he drank his grandmother's MENSTRUAL BLOOD!!!  This crazy broad was an 'earth first' type and believed that the blood from her monthly visits would help her plants grow in the garden... which may or may not be true... but that's no reason to store it in a GLASS PITCHER IN THE REFRIDGERATOR!  Like any 6- year- old, he thought it was Kool- Aid
I'll leave you with that.  You're welcome. 
Until tomorrow, check your brain and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/27/2013 5:57PM
SHOW # 1668 FEBRUARY 27 2013
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