SHOW # 1674 MARCH 7 2013

Last week in Massachusetts, a guy decided to steal two cans of tall- boy cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  He chose to hide them down the front of his pants, which, as you might guess, brought him some unwanted attention.  In fact, the cashier asked him about his abnormally large bulge and he told her, "it's my penis".  Problem is, one of the cans had slid down to his ankle, so, you know.  Long story short, he was arrested.  Not to be outdone, a woman in Oklahoma was arrested after a drug- sniffing dog indicated that she was carrying.  Sure enough, police found meth lodged between her butt cheeks.  But wait... there's more.  They also found a LOADED .22 caliber handgun hidden in her mossy cottage, her velvet canoe... her pork biscuit.  That's (disgusting) dedication to hiding your contraband.  Whether you're a teen hiding your porn from your parents, a college kid hiding your bong from the cops or a woman hiding the price tags from your new clothes from your husband, today's question is:  WHAT DID YOU HIDE, WHERE DID YOU HIDE IT AND WHO WERE YOU HIDING IT FROM?
His porn in the woods... was never able to find it again.  why do so many people hide porn in the woods?  How many people j*rk off in the woods?  "That ain't sap!"
Would hide his porn in his WIFE'S old purses... don't know how he wasn't caught, but he wasn't caught
To avoid paying the excessive taxes at airport customs, he hid 8 full- sized bottles of tequila in his backpack
She was a "bit" of a drunk when she first got married, so she'd hide her mini bottles of Jack Daniels in her tampon boxes... GUARENTEEING that her husband wouldn't find them. 
At the airport, his wife his a half ounce of weed in her panty liner... this was before the age of x- ray scanners
As a child, he'd hide his skid- mark stained underwear under his bed.  If I did that I would have had no laundry
His Vicodin in his sock drawer, but his mother found them.  Word to the wise; don't 'hide' anything in your sock drawer
Hid weed in a lamp... his girlfriend turned the lamp on when he wasn't home and the weed smoldered for hours.  She didn't notice... but he did.  Lost his weed
Got detained with a bunch of pills at the border.  They put him in an interrogation room... he promptly hid them in a potted plant in the room.  Clever
Made it safely through airport security by hiding 'shrooms under his hat
Used to hide weed in his Play Station when he lived with his parents
Was being detained by the co0ps, so he hid some coke in his butt crack... by the time he could get to it, it had melted
Comedian Neil Brennan, who will be at the Tacoma Comedy Club tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, joined us in studio today.  This is our second time hanging out with the guy and he is a funny, funny man. 
OK bitches, I'm outta this place.
Until tomorrow, we're insane but not alone, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/07/2013 5:28PM
SHOW # 1674 MARCH 7 2013
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03/07/2013 9:33PM
What I Hid!
I was ghost riding in my '77 Nova, no license plate, and a half ounce of Chrondo. As you can guess I was finally pulled over (I had been driving this way for a few months). I had a custom steering wheel with a removable center piece. I stuffed the half ounce in the steering wheel and waited. I ended up getting arrested for warrants I had and my car got impounded. As you can tell I was a dumb A kid who really didn't care for anything. Hell, I didn't expect to live past 25 and I ran my life not caring about anything that happened. Anyways, after I finnaly got out of jail I went back to get my car. First thing I did was check to see if my stash was still there. Hell yeah. Pigs and the dudes in the lot never found it. I had my toker and lit up right there in the parking lot. Little stale, but O so good. Got my ish together now that I have a wifey and kids, but what a hell of a youth I had. Stay frosty my friends!! ClohKr
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