SHOW # 1679 MARCH 15 2013

We all remember Super Bowl XXXVIII... not the game, but Janet Jackson's surprising unattractive boob popping out and being televised for exactly one half of one second.  The half second changed the rules of broadcasting for the worse overnight.  And, in spite of the JJ incident being a TELEVISION issue, radio took the brunt of the heat from the FCC.  Seriously.  It was the weirdest thing.  It was like going to jail because your cousin committed a crime.  Well, the FCC received "thousands" of complaints about the most recent Super Bowl.  The major complaint was about Beyonce's half time show.  Apparently, her performance was too sexually suggestive, blah, blah, blah.  Aren't children, by their very existence, the most sexually suggestive things on earth?  Pregnant women?  Pretty sexually suggestive.  Anyway, there were also complaints about some of the commercials, etc.  In modern day America, it's almost impossible to do or say anything or have any opinion without someone complaining.  With that in mind:  WHAT COMPLAINT HAS BEEN LOBBED IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION?
In community college, his professor complained that he asked too many questions.  Isn't that the point of college?
Worked at a gun shop in Oklahoma and had a crew cut... naturally, everyone assumed he was a racist
He was accused of rape... heavy complaint. 
Worked at a movie box office and in walks Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic... Krist complained that there was not enough lighting in the parking lot.  When the guy pointed out that, as a ticket taker, he wasn't in any position to do much about the illumination of a parking lot, Krist threatened to sue him personally.  Krist just might be a d*ck
Worked at a Taco Time as a cashier... people would constantly complain to her about the prices
Was an extra in the movie 'Pearl Harbor'... Ben Affleck complained about the hot and humid weather, but somehow, felt that the weather was the fault of this poor guy... who Ben mistook for Mother Nature
Worked in customer service... 'nuff said
Works at a casino and constantly hears complaints that the machines are rigged... as he pointed out, "DUH!  IT'S A CASINO!"
Is a teacher... parents are always asking "why isn't my kid doing their homework?!?"  It's amazing that you don't need a license to be a parent
Worked at a 7-11, the grave yard shift... a guy came in and complained that the bathroom was locked.  He explained that people only go in there to use drugs.  The customer responded, "Where else am I supposed to my crack?!?"
Worked at Wendy's in high school and a customer freaked out on them when prices went up... realized later (thanks to extensive news coverage) that the angry customer was Gary Ridgeway
OK bitches, the weekend is here, so I stay we get it started.  Are we all in agreement?  Cool.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/15/2013 5:16PM
SHOW # 1679 MARCH 15 2013
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bltch bltch bltch
Everyone has to b*tch about something. Guess that is what makes us happy. Happy Friday!!
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