SHOW # 1685 MARCH 25 2013

What's shakin'?  Today is Monday, therefore we did the Monday Random Question, and with that, I just refuse to do the regular blog.  Honestly, it would just require too much typing.  I'm not very good at typing, nor is typing something that I particularly enjoy, yet here I am, the go- to guy for the blog.  How did that come to pass?  I ask myself that every day.  That's a complete lie.  I've never asked myself that question; I volunteered to do it.
So, a few things we learned today:
Women don't 'dye' their hair blonde, they 'bleach' it blonde.  My apologies.  Must have been thinking about all those 'natural' blondes who took the time to dye their pubes black.
If an old person buys KY Jelly, it's more likely that they have catheters or other medical 'inserts' than it is that they're having sex.  Kinda good to hear, kinda sad. 
We have one listener in Orem, Utah... and he's a 28- year- old virgin.  To be fair, he's abstaining for religious purposes.  I once went 17 years without sex... then I turned 18. 
You can make money making household items out of duct tape... if your name is 'Athena'.
If you want to be an air traffic controller, you have to take a course in meteorology.  If you want to be a meteorologist, you don't have to know sh*t about air traffic control.
Camel spiders are, in fact, spiders, not camels.  Camel toes, however, have nothing to do with camels, and everything to with women who really shouldn't be wearing yoga pants.
Didn't learn much else.  Is that because I'm smart or stupid?
Until tomorrow, beat your chest and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/25/2013 5:41PM
SHOW # 1685 MARCH 25 2013
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