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A woman by the name of Dr. Gracelyn Santos writes a blog, and one of her latest is titled "Why Do Some Older Men Prefer to Date Younger Women?".  It's a very annoying read, as she doesn't so much investigate the obvious answer, but simply bitches about it.  She's a little older than 'young', so it just pisses her off and she, seemingly, struggles to wrap her head around why 'some older men prefer to date younger women', so I'm gonna giver her a hint; it's the exact same reason that some older women prefer younger men... and it has nothing to do with conversation.  Guess you have to be a little older to really appreciate it.  Then there's Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman who, like many of his fellow party members, has been against gay marriage from the get go.  Well, he very recently came out in favor of gay marriage.  What changed his perspective?  His college- aged son came out of the closet and, to Rob's credit, he cares about his family more than party ideology or the company line.  That's how it goes sometimes; you hold a belief or have no sense of something at all until it happens to you.  Kids are annoying up until you have one, the legal system is confusing until you go to court, and most people don't run in charity races until that charity is of benefit to you or a loved one.  There's no shame in it... it's human nature.  We tend to care about the things that effect us... and why wouldn't we?  So, with that, we presented a fill- in- the- blank style 'question':  "I NEVER FULLY UNDERSTOOD ______________ UNTIL I HAD TO DEAL WITH IT."
Angelsman's Syndrome... it'w when part of the 15th chromosome is missing... turns out that that part of the 15th chromosome controls a lot of important stuff.  Well, the caller had never heard of it until her daughter was born with it.  Needs CONSTANT supervision, but mom has been resilient
Never understood why everyone thought Zeppelin was so 'bad- ass' until he sat down and listened to them at age 12
4 months ago he had his first kid and his world, obviously changed... thing for him is that he's in the military so he gets the pain of leaving a child for a long amount of time
Never understood the court/ legal system until he got charged with 5 felonies... unfortunate way to learn
Crone’s Disease... he dated a chick who had it.  I did too back in the day... stinky situation
Lost a bunch of weight (135 pounds) and discovered what it is to be hit on and be attractive.  She doesn't like it as much as you'd think.  Made the point that not everyone who approaches you is your friend when they just wanna have sex.  I wouldn't know!
Lost an arm to a Mexican flesh- eating virus 10 years ago
Never understood why men didn't wanna get involved in planning their own wedding... until he started planning his wedding with his fiance.  Yea man, that's the worst.
Addictive personalities... never got it until his mother got into gambling and lost the house.  She wasn't done yet; she then started drugs and alienated the whole family
40 years ago, Led Zeppelin released "Houses of the Holy".  If you don't know, it was the band's 5th album and it was the first album that people suggested that Zeppelin went away from their 'traditional' sound.  It was also the first album where every song was an original... which is probably why they deviated from 'their' sound.  Anyway, it's a brilliant album. 
Here's a link:
OK, I'm outta here to check out Duff at the Moore.
Until tomorrow, move it like you groove it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/26/2013 5:45PM
SHOW # 1686 MARCH 26 2013
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