SHOW # 1692 APRIL 4 2013

A 2nd grader in Tennessee has been suspended from school multiple times since October, leading her to miss 24 days... so far.  Is she getting in fights?  No.  Is she disruptive in class?  Nope.  Does she smell SO bad that teachers and students alike are distracted to the point that they can't concentrate?  Yep, that's the ticket.  Child Services have investigated her home and found nothing; the kid is bathed everyday... sometimes more than once... doctors have checked her out, but nothing explains her "foul odor".  On that note, we had a list of the "8 Weird Medical Conditions You've Never Heard Of"... one of which might explain what's up with the Tennessee 2nd grader ("Fish Odor Syndrome") as well as a list of "6 Weird Health Things That Are Harmless", like skin tags.  Doesn't mean you don't look gross or won't freak people out, but they're harmless.  These are the things that inspired today's question.  Maybe you have cross- eyes, a hair- lip or a lisp (pronounced- 'lithp'), today we wanted to know:  WHAT IS IT ABOUT YOU THAT NEEDS AN EXPLANATION OR WARNING?
Has red skin on his face, head and chest... says it looks like a constant sunburn
He was super- sweaty, thus, super stinky all through high school
Has a huge scar on his head from when he had HIS SKULL CRUSHED as a kid
She’s legally blind, so it appears that she's always looking away from you when you talk.  She's not being rude, she just can't see you
His house smells like cat- pee... it's not that he has or had a cat, but his ex wife (who moved out 8 months ago) was a hoarder
He has bi- polar disorder and everyone around him knows it.  He's either really up or down and it people don't like to be around him
Has one blue- eye and one brown eye... well, he really has two brown eyes when you include his butt hole
Doesn't have toe nails on either of his big toes... creepy.  Big, fleshy nubs
Partially deaf in one ear and THAT'S why talks so loud... doesn't make him any less annoying
Was born with a "super short" small intestine and has to poop instantly after eating
She's engaged to be married but is "polyandrous", meaning, she and he fiancé f**k around, which is fine, but very difficult to explain on dates
He's 7 feet tall and does not, nor has he ever played basketball.  No big deal, but he has to explain WHY to everyone.
OK bitches, I'm going drinking, so I believe I'll be feeling like crap tomorrow... or as I like to say, I'll be feeling like myself!
Until tomorrow, slap the fat and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/04/2013 5:27PM
SHOW # 1692 APRIL 4 2013
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