SHOW # 1693 APRIL 5 2013

Let's review the NFL history of Tim Tebow; every NFL fan agreed that the idea of drafting Tebow as a quarterback was a bad idea because, frankly, he's not very good at being a quarterback.  In spite of 100% agreement that he would be a bust, the Denver Broncos provided some comedic relief and drafted him in the FIRST ROUND.  After leading the Broncos to the playoffs, he was traded to the Jets, and football fans were left scratching their collective head, wondering why anyone would trade for the guy.  Well, after an uneventful year backing up Mark Sanchez (think about that... you're a BACK UP to MARK SANCHEZ) most pundits thought Tebow's NFL career was, mercifully, at an end.  Guess again... rumor has it that the Seahawks are looking to trade for him.  Seriously.  This alone, inspired today's question:  WHAT DID YOU KNOW WAS A BAD IDEA BUT YOU DID IT ANYWAY?
First 4 women he slept with were all bi- polar.  I thought ALL women were bi- polar.
Getting married to his first wife... they were together for 10 YEARS before they got married... divorced in less than one year after tying the knot
Was on his way to get a tattoo of his car (an '82 Supra) on his shoulder.  He was in the parking lot of the tattoo place when he called
Knew it was a bad idea to try meth... he was right; he was hooked for 10 years.  Quit 5 years ago
Got the date wrong for a rave that he wanted to go to in downtown... no rave, so he tripped on acid and ended up at a homeless shelter eating burritos... that he believed was speaking to him
She dated a man who lived in a van... and owned a cat... he cheated on her with his cousin (yes HIS cousin)... he got an STD from his cousin, that he then passed on to the caller.  None of that is her regret... she regrets that she had to pay $600 to replace the windshield
Sleeping with his (now ex) wife's sister... regrets bringing up that fact during an argument
Took his father's car out for a joyride while his parents were out celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.  Well, the car ended up in a ditch with thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Did I mention that his father was the sheriff
Knew eating a habenero was a bad idea, but did it anyway
His designated driver was taking too long to leave the bar, so he drove himself ALMOST home... got a DUI
OK bitches, enjoy the weekend.  Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/05/2013 5:16PM
SHOW # 1693 APRIL 5 2013
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