SHOW # 1696 APRIL 10 2013

David Lee Roth, the former, then current, and the currently former lead singer of Van Halen is a unique man.  Few people would argue that.  Odd as he may be, we stumbled upon a list of "Seven Weird Things You Probably Didn't Know About David Lee Roth".  To be fair, after reviewing the list, all seven things, strange as they may be, all make sense BECAUSE it's David Lee Roth.  The thing is, there's something about everyone that you might not expect.  Did you know that actor Pierce Brosnan can eat fire?  He even performed fire- eating in the circus for three years.  Condoleezza Rice, aside from having a silly first name, is a classical pianist.  Conan O'Brien can tap dance.  Justin Bieber, of all people, is a Rubik's Cube master.  He solved one in 84 seconds on live TV years ago.  David Arquette is a 'pro knitter'.  In other news, you can be a 'pro knitter'.  The list goes on and on.  There's an unusual tidbit of truth about everyone, and today we asked you to share:  WHAT WEIRD OR INTERESTING BIT OF INFORMATION DO MOST PEOPLE NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU?
Had a relationship with Lisa Connelly, the mastermind behind the murder of
Bobby Kent
Was recruited out of college to be a sniper
Currently does drugs... used to work as a toxicologist
Danced on 'Soul Train' for 4 years... SOOOOUUULLLLLLL TRAIN!"
As a huge metal head, people are surprised to learn that he loves classical music.  Listens to it when he works on cars and drives his rig
Gets paid to cross dress... claims it's for professional wrestling
She's a 'body removal specialist'... she's the person who drives corpses from point A to point B.  Drives a plain, white van with dead bodies in the back.  Kinda creepy, kinda awesome.  Almost hope she gets car- jacked, just to freak out the jacker
Was kidnapped by his father when he was a year- and- a- half old... his father swiped him from a babysitter
Has a "slightly incomplete circumcision"... meaning, a sh*tty doctor did a sh*tty job
Has webbed toes on both feet... and yes, he's a great swimmer
OK, I'm outta here, bitches.  Love to Carly Foulkes! 
Until tomorrow, eat it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/10/2013 5:23PM
SHOW # 1696 APRIL 10 2013
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