SHOW # 1697 APRIL 11 2013

If you've ever dreamed of taking a cruise to the Caribbean, there may be no better time than now!  Carnival Cruise Lines is offering cruises to the Bahamas for as low as $38 per person, per night.  That's cheaper than a stay at Motel 6.  Of course, the REASON for the low prices is that 2013 has been disastrous for Carnival... with 3 different ships suffering MAJOR malfunctions.  On the other hand, the passengers on these 3 ill- fated voyages all had an unforgettable experience... even if it WAS being adrift at sea with no food and feces overflowing.  Oddly enough, a cruise around the world is the #1 pick on a list of 'lifelong dream vacations'.  Going on an African safari was #5 on the same list.  You might remember the story from earlier this year (back in January) when a couple on safari took pictures of, and then WITH wild rhinos.  Their guide offered to snap a few shots of them and urged them to move "just a little closer"... until one of the rhinos gored the woman, breaking her ribs and collapsing a lung.  She survived AND got a picture, so...  Today's question:  GOOD OR BAD, WHAT WAS YOUR ONCE- IN- A- LIFETIME EXPERIENCE?
Aw crap.  Sorry... got way distracted today.  Apologies to Big Ben.
I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, drop it like it's hot and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/11/2013 5:37PM
SHOW # 1697 APRIL 11 2013
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