SHOW # 1705 APRIL 23 2013

This past weekend, a guy named John Hartly, from Lake Stevens, earned his THIRD DUI... after crashing into several cars on I-5... with his two young daughters in the back.  To be fair, he was so high, he thought he was dreaming.  That might explain why he wasn't wearing any pants.  Just keep in mind, this was his THIRD DUI.  Not to be outdone, a couple in Philadelphia is facing "possible" charges after their SECOND CHILD IN FOUR YEARS DIED because they prefer the faith to medical attention.  Granted, the Bible clearly states that the pursuit of medicine over prayer is a sin, but, like so many other parts of the Bible, feel free to ignore that part.  Nevertheless, they follow the Bible to a 't' (real Christians?) so they decided to pray for their child's recovery instead of going to the doctor.  And then there's Lindsay Lohan, who proves that if you're a celebrity (even a talentless one... good news, Kardashians!) you're given multiple opportunities to continue being worthless.  Since 2005, "LiLo(life)" has has 22 run- ins with the law.  But hey, if you're not gonna punish her, what do you expect?  Sure, these are extreme examples, but all of us have gotten away with or continue to get away with something we know we shouldn't do.  I smoke, but I don't have cancer, so I continue to smoke.  Stuff like that.  WHAT MADE YOU STOP YOUR BAD BEHAVIOR OR WHAT BAD BEHAVIOR DO YOU CONTINUE?
Stopped stealing cars (and motorcycles) when he was 15... parents caught him and drove him straight to juvenile detention.  Spent 4 days locked up, came out feeling differently about things
Got really bad pneumonia (instead of the awesome kind) and had to quit drinking... for a while
Regardless of occasionally getting busted, he continues to turn his head to check the asses of women hot enough to warrant a peek
Used to smoke, but then he lost his job (for budget reasons, not for smoking) and couldn't justify spending the money, so he quit cold- turkey
Used to smoke weed as a teen, but his dad, a county sheriff, caught him and he immediately quit... until he moved out.  Now he's smoking it again
Stopped using drugs... his heart developed problems and he developed resptory issues
Quit drinking and driving after crashing his friend's car... in front of a cop
Used to be a "TOTAL drunk/ whore" (her words) but stopped when she was Baptized.  She won't even go an R- rated movie, BUT, she still listens to us (which I would think is far more precarious than an R- rated movie) as her 'guilty pleasure'.  Just make a pleasure and f**k the guilt
Loves her vibrator, but her (ridiculously insecure) husband doesn't approve... but when he goes outta town, she and her shaky orgasm- maker get reacquainted
It's Tuesday, so Jolene joined us for another rousing edition of 'Sit and Spin', and decided to treat us to the top 12 karaoke songs.  I'm not a karaokier, nor do have much appreciation for being subjected to the average person's vocal stylings while I'm trying to enjoy a drink WITHOUT chills running up and down my spine, BUT, karaoke is a thing and we're all familiar with it.  If it seems like every time you hear karaoke it's, more or less, the same songs over and over, there's a reason for that. 
Here's a link:
Ok bitches, I've got some madness to attend to (in the form of the Blue Dart podcast I've been working on) so I bid you adieu.
Until tomorrow, just do what needs to be done and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/23/2013 5:55PM
SHOW # 1705 APRIL 23 2013
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