SHOW # 1706 APRIL 24 2013

I love my hometown of Baltimore, but I'll never lie to you and tell you that it's home to the world's brightest or most stand- up people.  It's not.  case- in- point, authorities just broke up a major gang operation inside a local prison that involved about 25 people.  That's not really news though.  The part that blew our mind is that the ring leader was an inmate... who fathered 4 children... while locked up... with 4 different female prison guards.  That's disturbingly impressive.  Granted, that doesn't touch the legendary Wilt Chamberlin, who had upwards of 20,000 different sexual partners.  Then again, it's alleged that Fidel Castro had 35,000 sexual partners.  I believe it's a pair of male, Dutch prostitutes who hold the world record, however, with each one over 100,000 partners.  Maybe you're not promiscuous and, as best you can, you abide by the law, but the average person breaks the law 260 times a year!  Ever heard of Tsutomu Yamaguchi?  Put it this way; only two cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) have ever been destroyed by an atomic bomb... and Tsutomu was in BOTH cities when they were bombed.  He survived.  Oh, and the average person spends 3 years of their life sitting on the toilet... excluding masturbation.  Sure, all of these points seem random and disconnected, but they inspired today's question:  GOOD OR BAD, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'VE DONE MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE... AND WHAT WOULD YOU GUESS THAT NUMBER IS?
Has robbed more banks than anyone he knows... has also served time for robbing those banks.  That's the not- so- awesome part
Back when he 'dipped', he'd go through 5 cans of Grizzly A DAY... and that might have something to do with why he no longer chews
Takes insulin 6-8 times a day... for the last 15 YEARS
Believes he's been rejected by more women than anyone else
Caught a 42 pound salmon, biggest of the day, and made $2500 for it
Has crashed his ATV about 20 times
After years of working security, he's been in over 600 fights... and yes, he counted, but lost count at 600
Has corrected more people than anyone he knows... says he 'just can't help it' and doesn't know why he does it.  Well, he CAN help it and, chances are, he does it because he's an a**hole
At age 23, he's owned about 60 cars
Has broken the same arm SEVEN times
After a 30 year career as a clown (yes, a clown) he's blown up more balloons (by mouth) than most people.  He explained to us that back in "the day", before these current- day clowns, one of the things you had to be able to do was blow up a balloon with your lungs... none of this pump crap!
OK bitches, I've got some more Blue Dart production to get to (for your listening pleasure in the very, very near future... and you'll love it) and then, along with the Drunk in Charge (Ryan Castle) I have a little band practice tonight because castle and I will be closing out the show with local rock juggernauts, Windowpane, on Saturday night at Studio 7.  You should come down and check it out... not for me and Castle, but for Windowpane... they f**king ROCK!
Until tomorrow, wash away the rain and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
Has moved 45 times in his life

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04/24/2013 5:25PM
SHOW # 1706 APRIL 24 2013
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