SHOW # 1719 MAY 20 2013

It's Monday, so we asked the Monday Random Question, so, as always, I won't cover them all.  Instead, here's a few things we learned today:
Sex toys aren't weird unless it takes more than 4 batteries or is more than 12 inches long.
Streaking through a supermarket ends about as well as you'd think.
If Ted is willing to enter the "Smallest Penis Competition" in Brooklyn, New York, I will buy his plane ticket to go.  It's real competition and my offer is true.  Will he?
If Miles were a polygamist, he'd have 3 wives, named Tammy, Donna and Dawn.
What you call your taint, is actually called a 'perineum'.  FCC forbids the word 'taint' on-air, but it occurred to us that we had no idea what that weird little ridge was actually called.  Now we know... and will be saying it at every opportunity.  PERINEUM!
Would you drink beer if you had to drink it out of a penis- shaped squeeze bottle?
Jeetz has not gotten a tan in Alaska.
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, jiggle it just a little and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/20/2013 5:50PM
SHOW # 1719 MAY 20 2013
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