SHOW # 1721 MAY 22 2013

The American Psychiatric Association announced that "video game addiction" is a legitimate disorder.  Seriously.  Of course, the American Psychiatric Association stands to profit handsomely from this new 'diagnosis'... so who knows if there's any validity to this new 'disorder'... but this latest assertion does give parents added ammunition in their efforts to convince their kids to stop playing video games so much.  For those parents that DO try to shield their kids from everything in the big, bad world, we have bad news.  The FCC (also known as 'the fun police') are considering (CONSIDERING) changing its guidelines to allow more 'racy' content on TV during earlier primetime hours.  Quick side note:  people who use the term 'racy' are wholly unaware of what is actually 'racy'.  Anyway, the FCC isn't suggesting that you'll be able to watch 'Caligula' at 8 o'clock on NBC, but they are considering allowing some fleeting expletives and maybe, I dunno, a side- boob.  Naturally, the usual suspects (American Television Council, Parents Television Council, etc) are already up in arms about it, asking 'what about the children?!?'  The REAL question is; 'what about the parents?'  Protecting our kids from whatever 'evil' we think is floating through our collective ether is our job... as a parent.  Not everyone else's.  And with that, today's question:  WHAT DID YOUR PARENTS TRY TO PREVENT YOU FROM SEEING, DOING OR EXPERIENCING?
Technology... no TV, no video games and no computer
Her mom was the opposite; let her experience "all things".  Got it outta her system and is pretty straight and narrow now
Street racing... because it's illegal no matter how old you are
She was drinking and partying with friends, so her parents sent her to Korea (???)  Didn't work.  As best we could tell, she was STILL a little less than responsible.  'Responsible' isn't the right word, so, at the risk of sounding mean, she seemed pretty f**king dumb
He could smoke weed with mom, he could have sex in the house with his girlfriend(s), but he was forbidden from watching "Natural Born Killers"
Couldn't listen to Snoop Dog... his mother had no problem with the lyrical content or anything, but she believed that snoop's name was some kind of implication that women were comparable to dogs  WTF???
Couldn't listen to heavy metal because, as we all know, heavy metal is Satanic
Wasn't permitted to listen to Pink Floyd.  Don't know why
Prevented him from getting a job in high school so that he'd join the military
And the thing his parents wanted to prevent him from seeing, doing or experiencing was the neighbor's daughter
Sometimes you stumble upon a question that eats away at you and you can't rest until you get an answer.  Happened to us today.  We have no way of really getting an answer, but the question was; in America, are there more while 'Jamal's' or black lifeguards?  We just don't know.  Thoughts?
All I've got today, bitches. 
Until tomorrow, you can't eat pudding until you eat your meat, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

05/22/2013 5:40PM
SHOW # 1721 MAY 22 2013
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