SHOW # 1745 JUNE 2013

Down the road in Kennewick, Washington, a woman was just trying to enjoy a nice evening walk in Columbia Park with her 3 and 5- year- old children and their pet Chihuahua.  At some point, one of the three humans had to use the bathroom, so they used the public restroom in the park.  Unfortunately, the door to the bathroom became jammed, and for the next 2 hours, they were all stuck in a smelly public bathroom.  Eventually, she and her kids (and dog) were able to escape thanks to some Good Samaritans, but the woman was very "shaken up"... and that was after only two hours.  I'm sure that the Chilean coal miners are crying tears of sympathy.  As are the people who have taken a Carnival cruise in the last 18 months.  Anyway, we've all been trapped somewhere, scary or not, so today we wanted to know:  WHERE WERE YOU TRAPPED, FOR HOW LONG AND HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR GREAT ESCAPE?
Was working in a jail doing plumbing work when a fight broke out among inmates... he and his crew were trapped in a pipe chase for 7 hours
Stuck in a mall elevator with about 20 people for an hour and a half
Trapped in a car, upside down, wrapped around a telephone pole for an hour
Driving a Land Rover when there was an electrical short and he was stuck inside until a Land Rover associate was dispatched to get him out
Trapped into having a "big" wedding... she just wants to elope.  Listen, fellas, if you are lucky enough to find a woman who doesn't wanna waste a bunch of money on a 4 hour event, ELOPE!
Stuck between 4 "huge" women on a dance floor... for 7 songs
Got trapped in an MRI machine.  Small spaces don't bug me, but if you're claustrophobic, I could understand how that would freak you out
Got lodged under a logjam when he was rafting on a river
My personal favorite; got locked in a shower display at Home Depot by the 5- year- old she was babysitting
Queensryche stopped by the studio today to chat all things Ryche-y.  They're playing a sold out show at the Crocodile tonight and we couldn't be happier.  The new album f**king rocks and the guys are real cool.  We've been hanging with these cats for 8 years now and they have been tremendous. 
OK, I'm on my way to see the Ryche do their thing. 
Until tomorrow, eat more meat and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/26/2013 5:44PM
SHOW # 1745 JUNE 2013
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