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Everyone I know loves to tell you that their family is 'crazy'.  It's just one of those things that everyone says... however, some people mean it and have a story to back it up.  Take the daughter of 45- year- old Christopher Dillingham of Stevenson, Washington.  Her father, angry that their yellow lab was possessed by the Big S (that would be Satan) so he strapped explosives to the dog and blew it to pieces.  At that moment, she knew her father was nuttier than a squirrel turd.  He also believed that the Big D (the Devil) was busy possessing all of the metal objects in his house... and THAT'S why he was throwing all of those items out of his home when authorities arrived.  This guy, he's crazy.   Nevertheless, he inspired today's fill-in-the- blank:  I THOUGHT MY FAMILY MIGHT BE CRAZY WHEN ________ HAPPENED.
When his father started dating his (the son's) longtime girlfriend
His grandmother and aunt broke into his house to rid it of demons
Grandmother asked him if he wanted a Hot Pocket... like any young man, he said yes, so she went to her SOCK DRAWER and was puzzled why she couldn't find one
At 11 years old, his mother kicked him out because she accused him of stealing cheese and selling it by the slice to his friends (???)
When his uncle killed his grandmother... she was 93
When his mother married her sister's ex- husband
His father, who was 70 at the time, punched a youth pastor in the face... on Christmas Eve
His female cousin married his step-brother.  His step- brother has an identical twin.  Legally, his one step- brother is now his cousin, while the twin brother is still his brother
So on Thursday, we're celebrating the 80's, so today, we decided to start early.  Jolene had each of us pick the two rock songs from the 80's we liked most.  Here's a link:
OK.  I'm out.

  Until tomorrow, rock out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/06/2013 6:13PM
SHOW # 1768 August 06 2013
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