SHOW # 1787 SEPTEMBER 11 2013

A Seattle woman is facing assault charges after she stabbed the girlfriend of her ADULT son when she found them in bed together... presumably, doing the dirty.  We're not entirely sure what led to the stabbing, other than the mother saying she felt "disrespected"... which, between you and me, is one of the most annoying and tired statements on this earth.  Nevertheless, the girlfriend was caught in the sack and stabbed.  On a side note, the cops went to the same home earlier the same day when the son was shot in the leg.  Meanwhile, a college professor at Northwest Missouri State University posted a joke on Facebook about shooting up the school.  MOST people recognize that joking about shooting up a school is going to get you a visit by local law enforcement... MOST people.  Not this genus... and college professor.  Anyway, the cops did show up at his house and, after some explanation, they believed that he was joking.  However, while they were there, they noticed his massive marijuana grow operation... so he got busted for that.  Brilliant.  We've all gotten busted doing something and faced the consequences.  WHO CAUGHT YOU... AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED?
Got caught smoking pot by his parents... they called the cops
Threw a party at a hotel, pulled the fire extinguisher off the wall and doused his friend with it... was visited by the police
Busted peeing on a tree outside of the state capital
When he was 16, his girlfriend invited him to church... they had sex in the 'youth room'... the pastor walked in and busted them
There were a ton more answers, but they really weren't that great today, so...
I'm outta here bitches!
Until tomorrow, I'm still alive, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/11/2013 5:40PM
SHOW # 1787 SEPTEMBER 11 2013
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