SHOW # 1823 NOVEMBER 5 2013

An 80- year- old man in Russia had the distinct misfortune of bumping into a bear in a field.  The bear did all the growly stuff you'd expect from a bear... and in response, the old man unleashed a flurry of kicks and head- butts until he knocked the bear off balance.  Instead of biting the guy, the bear threw the octogenarian off of a cliff.  The 80- year- old survived.  In California, a 90- year- old man jumped in front of a charging horse (he worked at a race track) to protect a 5- year- old girl in harm's way.  Physics being physics, the old man was trampled mightily... but like the bear head- butter above, he survived.  And then, yesterday, a 100- year- old man went skydiving for the first time.  If you're like me, you'd think he would have been dead by the time he landed... but he survived.  Not saying he'll see 101, but he made it.  Today's question:  WHAT WOULD PEOPLE BE SURPRISED YOU'VE DONE AT YOUR AGE?
Had been to all seven continents before age 30.  Liked Europe the most... in case you're wondering
At age 24, he's toured all over Europe with his band... while signed to a major label
Rode 3 bulls in one day when he was 19... but then, who hasn't?
Worked as a lifeguard when he was 17... saved a man's life from a riptide.  Didn't just pull him from the water, actually performed CPR and the like
At age 47, he's still shot- gunning beers
He'll be 30- years- old next week... he's had exactly one job his entire adult life
He's 29 and has a 14- year- old daughter.  He's married to the mother, but only has been for 2 years.  After years of a tense relationship, they rekindled their relationship
Races motorcycles... didn't get into it until he was in his 50's
She's been in NINE car accidents... she's 38
He and a friend gradually stole over $20,000... by age 14
Scott Stapp, yea, the dude from Creed is worth $30 million dollars.  So is Chad Kroegoer from Nickelback.  If that doesn't chafe your ass, click this link and find out what the top 10 earning rock stars are worth:
OK bitches, I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, choke it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/05/2013 5:33PM
SHOW # 1823 NOVEMBER 5 2013
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