SHOW # 1825 NOVEMBER 12 2013

Remember the killer whale at Sea world that drowned it's trainer back in 2010?  The orca's name is Tillikum, and that trainer was the SECOND trainer it had intentionally killed.  At any rate, there is now pending legislation that would prevent trainers from having any physical contact with the animals.  I've always argued that there shouldn't be any legislation to protect people from themselves; if you wanna jump in the water with an animal nicknamed KILLER whale, suit yourself.  Similarly, if you choose to move to a place nicknamed "tornado alley", that's all you.  On that note, should you pursue a career in porn, you understand the risks.  Much was made of California's fairly recent law requiring porn actors to wear condoms; well now, California has cranked the ridiculous to '11' with new (as- yet- unpassed) legislation requiring performers to wear GOGGLES should their sex act put them in a position where they risk getting semen in their eyes.  I think we all know what 'position' that would be.  Nothing says "sexy" quite like safety goggles.  Not all precautions are as asinine as this, and that leads to today's question:  WHAT WARNING OR SAFETY PRECAUTION SHOULD YOU HAVE PAID ATTENTION TO?
Was working at a slaughter house... wasn't wearing his chain mail... stabbed himself in the stomach... about 6 inches of blade went into his gut
Ruptured his biceps this past Saturday when he started showing off on gymnast rings... ignored the sign that read "stay off if you're drunk".  He was drunk
Ignored the "wet floor" sign at Wal- Mart and ended up slipping and hurting himself.  The really bad part is that HE was the guy who put up the sign after mopping the floor
Ignored the "put chains on your tires" advice when he crossed Snoqualmie Pass... in a snow storm.  Ended up totaling his van
Realized that ghost peppers really are hot... just like the multiple warnings suggested
Was told to "stick with the group" on a mountain bike trip... got separated and ended up crashing and hurting himself really badly
Do NOT use Nair on your junk... Nair warns you against it, but he didn't listen.
Asked the question; "how high voltage can 'high voltage' really be?"  Terrible question, terrible answer
Men's Room Black, our once- a- year beer (with a much higher alcohol content) hits the shelves Friday.  However, this Thursday we're offering you a sneak peek (taste?) at Elysian Fields.  We're calling it the Black Party (which I'm a fan of) and in addition to our beer, we'll also be offering some delicious hot dogs.  Kobe beef hot dogs.  Anyway, to celebrate our Black Party, we decided to present to you the top 10 black songs of all time.  This list was based on nothing other than what we thought was funny.  Anyway, here's a link to our stupidity:
Today's Shot of the Day was in honor of my brotha!
OK bitches, I'm outtie.
Until tomorrow, suck on it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/12/2013 5:05PM
SHOW # 1825 NOVEMBER 12 2013
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