SHOW # 1896 MARCH 14 2014

A lot of adopted kids go on a search for their biological parents, but for Katherine Deprill, it's a little different.  See, she was abandoned in the bathroom of a Burger King as a newborn back in 1986.  Now she's attempting to track down her mother.  Shouldn't be too hard as most women don't leave their children in the toilets of fast food establishments.  Then there's the drug addict who went on a two week burglary spree to support his habit.  He eventually made the cops job easier when he left his passport behind at one the houses he'd robbed.  And then there’s the guy in England who didn't lose a mother or a passport, but kicked it up a notch and LOST HIS PENIS!  Seriously.  The cops found him bleeding from his groin, minus his junk.  The police actually shut down a busy street to execute a lengthy search for it.  No word on whether or not they found it.  All of these questions contributed to today's question:  WHAT IS THE MOST INCONVEINIANT THING YOU'VE EVER LOST OR FOUND?
In the army, he lost the keys to the Armory
Was born without a left hand, nevertheless, he believes that he's supposed to be left- handed... which begs the question; how much evidence to the contrary does he need
Found a small bag of weed in a new pair of pants.  I recently bought a few new pairs of jeans and I found nothing!
Lost his mother... she didn't die, she had dementia.  He took her to Albertson's and lost her.  Found her a quarter mile away riding an electric cart headed toward Sam's Club
Lost her birth control the same weekend that her boyfriend came to visit her in college... then she got pregnant
Went on a cigarette run and found a dead body in the road.  Had been the victim of a hit- and- run
Found an I-Pod in his car... it had been left behind by the person who'd broken into his car
Found a bunch of sex toys in the house he was selling for a woman
Worked at a theme park... saw a crying child kid on her break... his parents had 'forgotten' him.  Sure
OK bitches, the weekend is here.  Lets get it started.  See you at the Sounders tomorrow?
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/14/2014 5:12PM
SHOW # 1896 MARCH 14 2014
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