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“Hola conspiracyolas,

Pretty much everyone has an e- mail account of some kind or another, whether it’s a work e- mail (like myself) or a personal e- mail (unlike myself).  If you have an e- mail account through Yahoo, you should know that Yahoo has been selling your personal e- mails (you dirty moneys) to American law enforcement agencies and federal agencies for an undisclosed price. Sure, the agencies would have to be suspicious of you in the first place, but if they’re willing to shell out the money, Yahoo will gladly forgo your right to (and reasonable expectation of) privacy.  This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but it’s pretty irritating nonetheless.  If you really wanna question what Big Brother is up to, read the breakdown of newly decoded data from American Airlines Flight 77… the plane that slammed into the Pentagon on 9/11. Won’t go into detail here, but the “official” story isn’t supported by the evidence.  Think ‘Pat Tillman’.  There are all kinds of conspiracy theories out there (Tru TV has a whole series about it) and some make more sense than the official stories while others are utterly ridiculous.  Either way, we wanted to hear what you find suspicious:  MAYBE I AM BEING PARANOID, BUT I REALLY BELIEVE _________.

As expected, this question was a Viking horn to every freak in the proverbial woodwork.  Not everyone was completely nuts, but there was a sizable collection of the tinfoil hat crowd.  That doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

The thing about conspiracy theories is how inflammatory and divisive they tend to be.  No matter what side of the fence you’re on, you tend to be very passionate about your belief.  Belief is based solely in faith, and that’s why I’ve tried to come up with an equation to apply to every story or situation that seems suspicious.  Here’s my thinking:  S = the situation, EX = the explanation, P = physics/ possibility, Si = the source of the information, B = who benefits from the final result and L = the likelihood that whatever we’re told is true.  So S + Ex + P +Si + B = L.  This equation doesn’t actually help shed light on the truth of anything, but it usually narrows down what you’re willing to believe.  Try it the next time you’re not too confident that the information you’re being fed is accurate… like when you watch cable news.

I’m gonna stop now.  My brain is struggling to work today… and while that’s true most days, today has been more of a struggle than most.  I lame, I know.

Until tomorrow, shake it like you want and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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12/10/2009 3:14PM
SHOW # 945 December 10
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