SHOW # 948 December 15

“Hola sheepleolas,

There’s a great article at titled “Why Do Rappers Hold Their Guns Sideways” and the article strives to answer that very question.  There’s the obvious answer, which is, they don’t know sh*t about guns, but this article concentrates on the more pathetic but unfortunately true answer, which is, it LOOKS cool.  *sigh*  In this particular article they trace the origins of this cool looking, but profoundly misguided effort to the opening scene of the 1993 movie “Menace II Society”.  Apparently, in wanna- be thug culture, it’s better to look good than be good.  Speaking of shunning reality in an effort to look cool, the SPCA in California is complaining that their shelters are being overrun with more Chihuahuas than they can handle.  About one out of every three dogs in a California animal shelter is a Chihuahua.  In this case, pop culture gets the blame again.  Thanks to intellectual juggernauts like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus and groundbreaking cinematic masterpieces like “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, a certain segment of the population (idiots) started buying the ugly little dogs as ACCESSORIES as opposed to pets.  Naturally, after about a year, these same people realized that Chihuahuas aren’t an accessory, but an actual dog that needs caring for… and worse, it’s actually a f**king Chihuahua.  Anyway, California is now inundated with Chihuahuas… and apparently, not a whole lotta people want them as pets, so they’re not being adopted.  Shocking, I know.  Well, whether you’re a wanna- be gangsta or a mindless trollop, we wanted to know:  WHAT HAVE YOU BOUGHT OR DONE BECAUSE IT WAS COOL AT THE TIME?

We were hoping that this wouldn’t turn into a discussion about every bad fashion decision you’ve ever made, but alas, that’s pretty much exactly what it became.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy making fun of all the embarrassing things we all wore back in the day, but we’ve covered this type of thing in great detail many, many, many times before.  We were more looking for ridiculous things you DID, like firing the gun sideways or buying a Chihuahua to put in your purse, but that’s not what happened.  Oh well.

However, on that note, I’m not gonna waste my time typing all the responses we heard today because I’ve typed all of these before (tramp stamps [the precursor to the Chihuahua], mullets, etc.)… all the same old same old.

‘Till tomorrow, drop it like it’s hot and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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12/15/2009 3:34PM
SHOW # 948 December 15
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