SHOW # 1010 April 2 2010

“Hola Bitches,

There’s a list out there at titled “30 Things Every Man Should Have By 30”.  The problem is, the list is written by a woman named Wendy Atterberry.  After reading Wendy’s list, it re- enforced our belief and our stance that no women are allowed to submit Men’s Room rules.  If you think that’s annoying (and I know you do) another woman wrote an article for Forbes and suggested that people (meaning women) should get time off from work to recover from A BREAK UP!  *sigh*  It gets worse; a woman named Tiya Cunningham- Sumter, who writes for the most popular website in Seattle,, (???) is encouraging women to set up their husbands on blind dates with other men who SHE thinks their husband should be friends with.  Are you f**king kidding?!?  Ladies, we have no idea what the hell is wrong with you or what you think men should do, so against our better judgment, we decided to go straight to the source and ask you:  LADIES ONLY:  WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS WRONG WITH MEN?

Miles and I came up with this idea last night (after drinking) and we decided to just do it.  Yea, we knew some guys would whine about it, but what are you gonna do.  Men that whine aren’t very manly, so no great loss there, but it was interesting to talk to no one but women and hear what it is they think is wrong with us.  And this is what they had to say… although they used more words than were necessary.

We only want sex… yes, but we’re very clear and honest about it.

Women… true

Men never listen… we do, but women take a long, long time to actually get to the point.  I don’t say it to be mean, it’s just the truth.  If you’re a woman, when you go to talk to a guy, speak to him the way a newspaper presents information; start with the point, and then if we have any questions, give us the rest of the info.  Seriously.  It’s not that we don’t listen, but if you haven’t made a point in the first 20 seconds, we stop paying attention.  We don’t talk to hear ourselves, we talk to communicate.

We treat everything like a joke… life is short and you’re not THAT important.  Sh*t happens, deal with it and move on.  If you can find a way to laugh about it, you’ll feel better.  Not everything has to be apocalyptic… because it’s not.

Double standards… can’t argue that.  Men definitely get away with things women can’t, but PLEASE don’t tell me that it’s NOT a two way street.  Check out divorce stats and explain to me why every guy loses half his stuff and his kids and then has to continue to pay for some free loader?  Yes, guys are the winners of many double standards and women are the winners of the legal ones.  Wanna trade?  Didn’t think so.

We don’t communicate when we’re upset… we’re not out for sympathy, we want to noodle through it, solve our problem and move on.  Pity is for starving kids in Africa.

We don’t remember things… sort of- we don’t remember things that have no impact on our lives.  Sorry, no I don’t remember that you’re co- worker who I never met is pregnant, and no, I don’t remember the new shoes you bought, and on and on it goes.  Do you remember to put your clothes away?

We fart, burp and scratch in public… yep.

For reasons we can’t explain but truly appreciate, the fine folks at Big E Ales (Ellersick Brewing) in Lynnwood brought us a beer pig… that we made short work of.  Anyway, here’s a picture of Ted with the beer pig.  Can you tell who’s who?

Until Monday, do what you KNOW you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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04/02/2010 1:56PM
SHOW # 1010 April 2 2010
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04/05/2010 5:36AM
Jake Gold
BBBBBEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR PIG! Effin' saw-weet.Where can one obtain such pig?
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