SHOW # 1042 May 18 2010

“Hola boomolas,

30 years ago today, Mount Saint Helen’s erupted, blasting it’s top 1,300 feet into dust, killing 57 people.  Within 3 minutes, a lateral blast from the volcano, traveling at more than 300 miles per hour, blew down and scorched 230 square miles of forest.  A plume of ash shot 15 MILES into the air and the largest landslide in recorded history blocked a shipping channel in the Columbia River for two weeks.  That’s just PART of the story, of course, but the long and short of it is this; when Mount Saint Helen’s blew her top, there was hell to pay.  That same euphemism could be used for Pierce County Deputy Allen Myron; he’s the 11 year police veteran that “blew his top”, so to speak, after getting into an argument with his father- in- law and deciding to SETTLE the argument by gunning down both his father AND mother- in- law in cold blood before taking his own life.  No one knows what the argument was about, but the working theory is that it was that argument that provoked the tragic chain of events that followed.  Who knows?  Today we wanted to know, for better or for worse:  WHAT CAUSED YOU TO BLOW YOUR TOP?

Thought his phone died and that set him off… which would make me VERY happy

Like a lot of people, road rage sets them off

Goes crazy when he finds out that his customer service call has been routed through India

Walked in on his girlfriend having sex with his friend

The “red- headed freak” who leaves their sweat all over the gym equipment

Won a $25,000 lottery AFTER winning $7000 in Vegas

Woke up to two smashed car windows and a stolen stereo… AND it was raining that day.  It was the 4th time in a year that this has happened to her and she’s had enough

A wayward pedestrian (the self- important “I must walk and text at the same time” a**hole) wandered in to a crosswalk without looking, got mad the driver and punched his car hood.  What’s up with that?  This is the only city I’ve ever seen that done with frequency; everywhere else in America you just invited a bullet to the face or fists to the teeth.

Lost it when they saw a kid throw a rock at his dog

His bay- mama took off with his son when the kid was still an infant

Found out his ex girlfriend and his friend’s current girlfriend (same girl) was killed.  She was raped and then smashed over the head with a rock; understandably, he blew his top.

Saw his stepfather hit his mother and we went all Mt. Saint Helen’s.

And on and on it went.


So our beer made a comeback as of yesterday, and like last time, Elysian Fields, Elysian Brewing Company and Tangle Town are all carrying our tasty brew, but we’re getting word that THIS go round, more bars will be serving up Men’s Room Original Red… and we couldn’t be happier.  Here’s a picture of out tap handle.  Brings a tear to my eye.

That’s all I’ve got.  Gotta host trivia tonight, so I need to start drinking!

Until tomorrow, rock on, rock out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

05/18/2010 1:56PM
SHOW # 1042 May 18 2010
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05/19/2010 1:33PM
Joe Nash and his trick knee ring a bell? Wasn't he a famous seahawk flopper complaining?
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