SHOW # 1048 May 26 2010

Hola food loverolas,

Cold Stone Creamery made the news today, albeit, not for the reasons they’d like.  Seems that their new milkshakes, loaded with 2010 calories and 68 grams of saturated fat, are the unhealthiest things you could drink, according to Men’s Health magazine.  I don’t know about you, but when I hear 2010 calories and 68 grams of saturated fat, I think ‘delicious’!  It’s often said, and I’m inclined to agree, if it’s bad for you, chances are, it tastes great, and subsequently, if its healthy, it probably tastes like a monkey’s butt… although, to be fair, I’ve never sampled a monkey’s butt.  Anyway, we all know that Brussels sprouts are healthier than Oreo cookies, tomato juice is infinitely healthier than orange soda and cucumbers will do your body better than mozzarella sticks, but while America obsesses about things like calories, saturated fat, salt, sugar and nutritional value, we decided that today we would throw caution to the wind and celebrate the foods we love to eat:  FOOD OR DRINK ONLY; WHAT IS THE GREATEST THING YOU’VE EVER PUT IN YOUR MOUTH?

Today’s question absolutely broke the record for responses.  Our e- mail inbox was full almost instantly.  People love their food.  Am I gonna go through it all?  No, not gonna happen.

Little ‘out of sorts’ today, for lack of a better term, so I’m gonna lay low and end the blog now.  Apologies all around.

Until tomorrow, do what you best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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05/26/2010 1:43PM
SHOW # 1048 May 26 2010
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