SHOW # 1061 June 16 2010

“Hola Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas,

A couple of entirely unimportant but fairly interesting things floating around the world wide web today, like everyday.  One of them comes courtesy of , a news station out of Pennsylvania.  They put together a list of what they’re calling “Five Basic Manners That Time Forgot” and it’s all the regular stuff you’d expect, but I suppose it proves the point that these things are ‘forgotten’, given everyone’s penchant for bitching that no one has manners anymore.  There’s also a list from the fine folks at called “Five Manly Things Men Used to Do” and it’s a pretty solid list.  Basically, it’s a list of things that your father probably did, but you don’t… but would like to.  The ‘manners’ list got us thinking about all the crap our parents tried to pound into our dense heads and all the advice we ignored along the way because we were busy being kids.  The “manly” list got us thinking about the other end of the spectrum; all the crap we’d love to do as an adult, except, as an adult you have that one pesky, annoying, soul- crushing obstacle called ‘responsibility’.  Nevertheless, both of these list inspired today’s question:  WHAT DO YOU THINK EVERY KID SHOULD KNOW OR DO BEFORE ADULTHOOD AND WHAT DO YOU THINK EVERY ADULT SHOULD DO AT LEAST ONCE DURING ADULTHOOD?

I just think kids should misbehave, sneak out of the house, throw a snowball at a car, skip school a few times, pee in the snow, etc.  Yes, I understand that none of those things are the greatest thing to do and that there are repercussions for acting out, but that’s the point.  I figure that a kid should do all the dumb stuff kids do because that’s the joy of being a kid in the first place, and facing repercussions and understanding how that works goes a LONG way as an adult.  That’s my thinking, anyway.  As far as being an adult, well, you know, do what you want, you an adult.

OK then, here’s a list of the things you believe kids and adults need to do to truly experience being a kid or an adult.


Play OUTDOORS… novel concept these days

Learn to read… I was under the impression that MOST kids were learning to read

Intern somewhere

Cook and clean… I know some adults who could stand to learn to do the same thing

Learn about finances… you know, how to save for drugs and booze

Get into a fight and lose… did that more than I would have liked


Have their heart broken… first time I had my heart broken it was because I didn’t get the Big Wheel I wanted for Christmas, but I don’t think that’s what they meant.

Go to Disneyland/ World… I’m sure kids everywhere would agree

Learn to do laundry


Ride the Ducks

Live on their own… amen.  Just do it for your own peace of mind because peace of mind doesn’t exist much when you’re not on your own

Act like a kid… just be an idiot sometimes

Community service/ donate to charity

Smoke pot… not all the time, but try it once



Not take yourself seriously

Go to Vegas at least once

Conquer a fear… great advice, although, I don’t know that I’ve done it

Own a home

Well, there you go.  Now you know what everyone else thinks you and/ or your kids should be doing, so get to it!

Band practice tonight… head kinda hurts, but then, my head ALWAYS kinda hurts because I’m always kinda drinking… and plan to start again soon.

Until tomorrow, rock out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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06/16/2010 1:48PM
SHOW # 1061 June 16 2010
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