SHOW # 1065 June 22 2010

“Hola Old Timerolas,

Tonight at White River ampetheater, Iron Maiden is playing a show.  Iron Maiden was to 80’s metal what Metallica was to 90’s metal; the kings of it.  While their music might endure, we all willingly choose to forget the yellow spandex pants and sparkly chain- mail vests, just like we do with Motley Crue and Ozzy.  Fashion statements aside, people aren’t embarrassed to say they like these bands.  For one reason or another they’ve all endured.  Hell, for the last 10 years, Hollywood has bet the house that you’re willing to acknowledge your guilty pleasures, with remakes of the ‘A- Team, ‘Transformers’, ‘G.I. Joe’, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, ‘Starsky and Hutch’, etc, etc.  They’re currently filming a ‘Smurfs’ movie… the hope being that somehow, some way, you still think they’re cool… or have convinced yourself that they were ever cool.  Guess we’ll find out.  Then there are those people who drive around in their 1971 Volkswagen Beetles or their El Cominos.  It’s not that they couldn’t afford a new car, it’s that for the last 40 years they haven’t found a vehicle they like more. And then there’s those people like myself, who love music but prefer to hear it on vinyl.  Yea, yea, yea, CD’s and MP3’s are all the rage, but for my money you can’t beat vinyl… but we all have that thing that we hold onto, in spite of all the upgrades and technological advances around us.  That is the crux of today’s question:  TIMES HAVE CHANGED BUT YOU HAVEN’T; WHAT DO YOU STILL THINK IS COOL?

Well, I already pointed out my love of vinyl, but then again, I’m the guy who still writes checks, as opposed to paying them on- line, but I’m just like that.

Rush… the band that tows the line between solid rock and nerd rock.  We compared them to a hybrid car; sometimes you wanna put the pedal on the floor and sometimes you just wanna cruise clean.

Limp Bizkit… were they EVER cool or just accepted?

Baseball cards… baseball cards used to be all the rage.  I don’t know what ever happened to them.

Film cameras… the rise of the digital camera has eliminated a fantastic place to hide weed- the film canister

Burlap ponchos… if I could avoid the overwhelming ridicule, I’d still wear one.

Old cartoons… I’ll watch Bugs Bunny any day

Hacky sack… HIPPIE!  I don’t know if I’d enjoy hacky sack or not as I’m too uncoordinated to actually do it effectively

Star Wars… yes, he meant  the original three movies, and I can’t argue that.  Yes, I’m a nerd, so suck it!

Broadcast radio… naturally, we agree

Rubics Cubes… I f**king hated those things, and only because I NEVER solved it, and that’s why I hated and continue to hate it

The Muppet Show… one of the greatest shows ever

Women who wear panty hose… the only women who seem to wear panty hose these days (flesh colored, not the decorative ones) are old women covering their age spots… and we thank them.

Chuck Noris movies from the ‘80’s.

Vanilla Ice… are there words?

OK, gotta run.  Tuesday nights = trivia nights, which = terrible Wednesday morning hangovers.  You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now, but not so much.  I’m sure I’ll bitch all about it tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

Until tomorrow, run to the hills and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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06/22/2010 1:45PM
SHOW # 1065 June 22 2010
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06/23/2010 9:15AM
where would one find this trivia bar? i'll be visiting seattle first week of august (all the way from vancouver) and it seems like an interesting way to kill a few hours.
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