SHOW # 1104 August 18 2010


In the world of fast- food the competition is fierce and all of the players are constantly trying to outdo each other with value menus, extended breakfasts and 1000 different ways of serving chicken… and things that serve as pass for chicken.  This past January, Burger King upped the ante when they announced that they would begin serving BEER!  That’s right, bitches, BEER!  The first one opened in Miami Beach and has expanded to Times Square, Vegas and L.A.  Maybe, just maybe it’ll become a staple at ALL Burger King locations.  Burger King, in my opinion, just got a whole lot better.  Speaking of “better”, Chips Ahoy, the delicious and best selling chocolate chip cookie in America has just found away to improve their product… they’ve added Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.  It’s just that easy.  And while we’re talking improvements, the Minnesota Vikings recognize that for them to have a reasonable chance of being competitive this upcoming season they need Brett Favre.  Favre of course, as he’s done the last 4 seasons, threatened retirement, but yesterday, three Vikings players, Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell all flew down to Mississippi to try to persuade Brett to rejoin the team… and it worked.  Now the Vikings, like Burger King and Chips Ahoy, just got better.  Today you get the chance to make improvements:  I THINK _________ IS GREAT, BUT IT WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER IF IT ALSO HAD OR GOT RID OF _______.

Peanut butter would be better if it relieved ‘cotton- mouth’.  See, the caller just loves the weed (and who can blame her?) and when she gets the munchies she enjoys the creamy, pasty goodness of peanut butter, but, alas, it doesn’t get rid of her cotton- mouth.  The world is a cruel and harsh place.

Weed would be better if it were legal.  I get the point, but I disagree with that whole- heartedly.  First of all, legal or not, it’s easier to get weed than most LEGAL vices and the quality is quite good.  History tells us that if the feds get involved with the cultivation of it the quality will suffer.  Just leave it alone and keep the idiots as far away from it as is possible

“Everything” would be better if they stayed open for 24 hours

Would like his grocery store more if they had those self- check- out lines.  Not a fan of those; it’s like going to a fondue restaurant… you do all the work but still have to pay someone else.  That’s like me paying my boss for my work.  AND I’m lazy.

Marriage would be better without his wife

The Raiders would be better if Al Davis didn’t own the team.  I’m not even a Raider’s fan, but no one deserves to have to deal with Al Davis

Alcohol would be better without the hangover.  Amen

Hip- hop would be better without auto- tune.  That’s a common sentiment these days, so you’ve gotta believe that, like any trend, its days are numbered

Seattle would be better without the passive’ aggressive thing

McDonald’s would be better if they kept the McRib on the menu

McDonald’s would be better if they went back to deep frying the apple pies.  Yesssss

Hollywood would be better if they stopped doing do many remakes.  I’ve said it a thousand times before, but if Hollywood is gonna waste everyone’s time remaking movies we’ve already seen (like a band releasing their ‘greatest hits’) they should at least remake movies that SUCKED the first time around.  Sure, Rob Zombie displayed his “genius” by remaking Halloween (yippee), but how about remaking “Ishtar”?  It was a box office bomb.  Remake “Speed Racer”, it sucked too.  Just sayin’.

We had Daryl Christian in- studio today.  Who is Daryl?  He’s the spokesperson for the Washington Medical Marijuana Group ( and he came in today to give us a little insight into this weekend’s Hempfest and what’s going on with medical marijuana in Washington state.  We’ve had him in before, and as usual, he has A LOT of information to dispense.  It’s always cool having Daryl in; he’s a cool guy and funny… and he likes weed.  What more could you want?  Anyway, whatever side of the weed- fence you stand on, check out the link and educate yourself.

OK, time to enjoy dinner with the wife… and dog.

Until tomorrow, rock out and STAY BEAUTIFUL.”

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08/18/2010 1:43PM
SHOW # 1104 August 18 2010
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