SHOW # 1112 August 30 2010


This was covered earlier today on the BJ Shea Morning Experience, but it’s worth repeating, as most of us are guilty of it on a daily basis; ‘Reader’s Digest’ put out a list of ‘6 Phrases You’re saying Wrong’.  Sure, I disagree with one them, but I’m disagreeable by nature.  Besides, everyone says things wrong all the time.  It’s one of the joys of living in America.  Sometimes you say things with crystal clarity and you’re STILL wrong.  Take Lynne Rosenthal of New York City; this woman is a college English professor but she ran into trouble at a Starbucks when she placed an order like a normal human being but was refused service because she didn’t place her order in that stupid corporate lingo they use.  You know what I’m talking about; you have to say a “venti” if you want a large, “tall” if you want small, etc.  She thought she could just order her food by saying what she wanted to eat, but she thought wrong.  Speaking of ‘wrongness’, there’s anew book out called “Wrong” and it’s about how most of the “expert” advice we get is wrong… which makes you wonder what qualifies someone to be an ‘expert’.  We’re talking medical knowledge (ADHD, restless leg syndrome), professionally prepared tax returns, newspaper articles, etc.  Today we’re talking about being wrong and we wanted to hear it from you:  I THOUGHT _____________ WAS RIGHT UNTIL I FOUND OUT IT WAS WRONG?

Away we go:

Thought pineapples grew in trees until she went to Hawaii and discovered different

His white boss said “nizzle” to a black guy and didn’t know why the guy got mad.  If you still can’t figure it out, walk up to your girlfriend or wife and call her a ‘clunt’


Thought the singer of BTO stuttered because of “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”… “b-b-baby, here’s something, here’s something you’ll never forget…”

Believed that the Baltimore Orioles were the Oreos

Thought that divorce was for people who don’t know how to pick a spouse, and he was right.  He was wrong that HIS marriage would last

Thought you could drive with an open beer on your lap… you CAN, but you’ll go to jail

Believed that the correct pronunciation of Porsche was ‘Porsh’, but apparently it’s ‘Porsha’

Thought that Rush singer Geddy Lee was a girl, like the dudes in Hanson

Thought Elysian Brewing was ‘a legion’ brewing

Thought chocolate milk was produced naturally by cows

Thought ivory came from a bear’s penis (???)

Because he sleeps heavy, he proudly coined himself the “king of nocturnal emissions”… until he found out that it means he has more wet dreams than anyone.  Congratulations?

Used to believe that deviled- eggs’ were ‘doubled- eggs’

We also had a lengthy discussion about the reality of cow- tipping, the coriolis effect, the cut off point for an animal to be a critter and how to say Nevada.  It was a loose show, bitches, and thoroughly enjoyable.

I’m outta here.

Until tomorrow, live loud and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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08/30/2010 1:34PM
SHOW # 1112 August 30 2010
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