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Other than fans of Insane Clown Posse, there’s not a lot of love for fans of ICP, or Juggalos as they’re called.  Well, a lot of them got a shock last year when Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope (the two clowns behind ICP… no pun intended) admitted that they’re actually evangelical Christians.  Yea, for the last 20 years they’ve been ‘punking’ their fans because, well, because they could.  To paraphrase what one of them said (I honestly don’t remember [or care] which one of them said it), you find a way to communicate with those most in need of salvation, lead them to you then tell them that God saves.  Pretty bad ass, huh?  That’s alright though, any metal fan worth their weight in sh*t recognizes black leather, spikes and studs as standard heavy metal attire.  Does it bother anyone that the look was lifted directly from gay, S&M biker culture?  Guess you’d have to ask your buddy in the black leather pants.  Oh yea, and those ‘faux- ghetto’ dudes who have their pants sagging off of their asses… do you think they know that their oh- so- trendy fashion statement is borrowed from prison inmates who are SPECIFICALLY advertising that they WANT to be your bitch?  That’s right, cool guy, your saggy pants say “in through the out- door”.  Congratulations!  It’s of no consequence, just thought you might wanna know why so many of us laugh at you.  It’s like wearing a sign that says “I love it in the a**!”  Then again, as a tattooed guy, I hate, passionately, seeing the non- inked rocking Ed Hardy anything.  Plenty of cheap beer drinkers are still pissy because the hipster crowd has turned things like Pabst Blue Ribbon into a more pricey drink.  We all have our gripes, so today we wanted your response to the following:  I THOUGHT __________ WAS COOL UNTIL…

Smoking cigarettes… until he got emphysema

Being a redneck… until he saw the Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.  Just saw it about two weeks ago… priceless.

Computer games… until he discovered console games

Pogs… until he got older.  As I understand it, pogs were cardboard disks with pictures on them, and that’s all I know.

Baseball… until he watched it and realized it’s boring.  He used to play it and loved it.

Used to think George Lopez was cool… until he heard that George got a lifesaving kidney from his wife… who he promptly divorced when he was in the clear.  Stay classy, George.

Aerosmith… until they got sober.  Not knocking them for finding sobriety, he’s knocking them for their insistence on continually making music during sobriety.

Meth… until he lost his mind, some motor skills and ALMOST lost his family and his life.  I’ve known A LOT of junkies during my mortal campaign here on planet earth, and honestly, meth seems to have the worst effects on people.  I’m talking about their pock- marked, toothless faces.

Girls Gone Wild videos… until he discovered Joe Francis

Helicopters… until he joined the military and discovered that they’re like flying death traps

Owning a boat… until he bought one and realized that the ‘joy’ of owning a boat is pouring all of your cash into its maintenance

Video games… until he discovered vagina

Used to think graffiti was cool until he bought a house and someone tagged his fence.  Advice:  buy an axe and actively look for the offender.  You’d be amazed how downright civilized your neighbors become and how little trouble you have again.

The Marine Corps… until basic training

The Sex Pistols… until she found out that like N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys, the ‘Pistols were a ‘made up’ band.  Now THAT is punk rock!!!


Today we revisited all of the bands from the Rock Girl Gala starting in 2004.  Here’s a list of the bands that have come and gone through the Gala.  Here’s a link:

Until tomorrow, bend it like Beckham and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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03/29/2011 2:08PM
SHOW # 1244 March 29 2011
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