SHOW # 1245 March 30 2011


According to ‘The Globe and Mail’, a Canadian newspaper, Seattle ranks 7th best overall city IN THE WORLD.  On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal ranked Seattle as the 3rd most miserable city in America… and not because of the weather or lack of social skills, but because of ‘consumer attitudes’.  In other words, it’s really f**king expensive to live here, but for no discernable reason.  Meanwhile, in a recent poll, two thirds of people in Emerald City believe that Mayor “two- tone” McGinn is doing a lousy job.  The general consensus is that McGinn is unaware of anything in Seattle OTHER than the Alaskan Viaduct replacement.  Oh, and speaking of roadways, the 4- mile stretch of southbound I- 405 in Bellevue was ranked the 8th worst in America on the list of “50 Highways from Hell”.  Anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with that sliver of 405 probably already knew that.  Like anywhere, Seattle has its good and its bad… so does Tacoma, Everett, Port Orchard, Olympia, etc, etc.  We don’t know where you live, and that’s why we wanted your answer to today’s question:  WHAT’S THE GOOD, BAD AND UGLY OF WHERE YOU LIVE?

Here were today’s answers, in order of the good, the bad and the ugly:

Oakville… fireworks and cheap smokes, economically depressed

Bremerton… fee ferry rides to Seattle, meth, the women

St. Petersburg, Florida… women, humidity and old people

Auburn… affordable housing, rides bike 30 miles to work and meth heads

Spanaway… great view of Rainier, bored teens and, wait for it, meth heads

Renton… great fast food, close to everything, crime/ criminals

Lake Stevens… large property and good neighbors, winter storms that wreak havoc and his neighbor’s dog constantly sh*tting in his yard

SeaTac… quiet (???), Burien is way too close and “trailer trash”

Enumclaw… quiet and relaxing/ smells like “cow anus”

Fremont… lots of bars/ hipsters and elitist/ too many Thai places

OK, I could go on, but got a little distracted today by about a million different things, so, you know, sorry bitches.  One of those days.

Until tomorrow, steal a kiss from a crook and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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03/30/2011 1:45PM
SHOW # 1245 March 30 2011
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