SHOW # 1263 April 25 2011


A few years ago (2006), Bill Nye the Science Guy made the mistake of going to Texas once to discuss science, which is akin to going to the Vatican to espouse the benefits of Islam.  Anyway, he was in Waco to participate in McLennan Community College’s Distinguished Lecture Series where he talked about a variety of topics.  One of those topics was the not- so- secret fact that the Moon doesn’t produce its own light, it reflects the light of the Sun… much the way a mirror doesn’t reflect anything unless there’s a light on.   You might remember this conversation from 2nd grade.  Texas doesn’t.  So when Bill explained why the moon glows, he was met with boos because Genesis 1:16 says different.  One woman even yelled “we believe in God” before storming out with her three unfortunate children.  (*sigh*, followed by a face palm)  Meanwhile, Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zeller was on a radio last week (Wednesday, if you care) talking the usual partisan garbage when he revealed a level of stupid you’d hope no American politician would broach, but he did.  The long and short of it is this; he explained that voting in this country is a privilege, not a right.  (repeat *sigh* followed by face palm)  Well Kurt, it IS a privilege and a RIGHT.  He corrected himself the next day after his ‘people’ showed him the Constitution which clearly states SEVERAL times that voting is a right.  Glad he got around to reading the thing he took an oath to defend.  On a personal level, Miles and I were once asked if the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was based on a true story.  If you don’t know, ‘Benjamin Button’ is about a guy who is born old and progressively gets younger… which is all the hint you need, really, but we were asked.  That inspired today’s question:  WHAT CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW OR WHAT COULDN’T YOU BELIEVE WAS ACTUALLY TRUE?

AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!  This was the kind of show that makes me wanna pack my bags and move off of the f**king planet.

Against my better judgment, here are some of today’s answers:

His 23 year old buddy was unaware that raisins were dried grapes

A girl in his English class pointed out that no one has ever used a nuclear bomb on another country, which is true (we used ATOMIC bombs on Japan) but she was unaware of the American response to Pearl Harbor

A college girl asked if she could get AIDS from anal sex… don’t know if anyone responded, “let’s find out!”

His ‘religious’ pal didn’t know that most Christian holidays are just repackaged pagan holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc)

Cannot believe that people still think OJ Simpson is innocent in the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman… well, technically he IS innocent, but in reality, HELL NO!

Can’t believe that people think Elvis is still alive.  We’ll just assume he means Elvis Presley, as Costello and Grbac are still alive

His wife was concerned that the radio in the truck they bought in Oregon wouldn’t be able to pick up Washington radio stations when they drove it home.  She wasn’t his wife at the time and in spite of her concern, he married her anyway… which tells US that she’s awesome in the sack

Couldn’t believe that Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country, not a continent… personally, I’m not surprised by that AT ALL

A woman asked where her prostate was… it’s in your husband’s ass

Was stunned when Bill O’Reilly argued that the tides were an act of God because we’ve never figured out what causes them.  Well Bill, we ALL know what causes tides… except you.  Actually, I defended Bill, arguing that his ignorance was for entertainments sake and that there was no way he didn’t know the real answer.  Who knows?

His aunt didn’t know the difference between 100 thousand and 1 million.  Thought they were the same but just regional references

His fiancé asked what the difference is between weed and pot

There were some more, but, like I said, this was one of those shows that just drove me crazy.

On that note, I’m outta here.

Until tomorrow, kick ass, take names and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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04/25/2011 2:08PM
SHOW # 1263 April 25 2011
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