SHOW # 1303 June 22 2011


On yesterday’s show, Miles and I went off about our hate of ‘taco night’.  Not tacos, just taco night… the night you go home to tacos.  We’re not fans… and apparently that makes us Public Enemy #1.  Based on the phone calls, e-mails, texts and all other forms of communication available, everyone else in the world not only LOVES them some tacos, but they have ancient Mexican recipe to make them ‘outstanding’.  We got plenty of hate.  Tacos; don’t speak badly of them.  Not everyone likes every food, but that doesn’t mean you always have the opportunity to avoid eating them.  When you were a kid, you were at the mercy of whatever your parents fed you or whatever was served for lunch at school.  Now, maybe you’re in a relationship and there’s a meal your significant other enjoys making or a restaurant they insist on going to or maybe, just maybe you’re broke and can’t afford the stuff you like.  AS FAR AS FOOD GOES, EVERYONE SEEMS TO LIKE _____________, BUT I DON’T GET TOO FIRED UP ABOUT  IT.

OK, today has been very insane behind the scenes, so there’s not a lot of blog coming your way, but know this much; Ted likes every kind of food.  No matter what anyone said they didn’t like, Ted couldn’t believe it.  He was getting visibly upset.

OK, the big thing for us today was Chris Cornell.  Yea, that’s right bitches, the man from Soundgarden, Audioslave, the SHIMS… he dropped by and graced us with his awesomeness.  Really cool dude too.  You never know what to expect with people, but he was actually really cool and descent.  Here’s a picture of us being awesome.

I’m outta here bitches!

Until tomorrow, black rain and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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06/22/2011 1:49PM
SHOW # 1303 June 22 2011
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06/23/2011 10:16AM
I love taco night! I love taco's so good I wish there were more taco nights. Mix it up use turkey meat for the tacos.
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