SHOW # 1334 August 23 2011


So, these are tough economic times for the AVERAGE person (in case you hadn’t heard), and not just here in the states, but around the world… or ACROSS the world if you’re one of those ‘flat earth’ folks.  Thanks to some clever, behind- the- curtains maneuvering by some unsavory and shadowy cats, at no other time in modern history has the saying ‘the rich get richer while the poor get poorer’ ever rang more true… so when you hear about a billionaire losing a home to a fire… on their PRIVATE Caribbean Island, your heart doesn’t break… or does it.  That’s exactly the situation facing Virgin mogul Richard Branson, whose ridiculously posh house on his ridiculously posh island pretty much burned to the ground early this morning.  I heard the news and I thought, “why Branson?”  He actually seems like one of the ‘cool’ ones.  Yea, he’s a billionaire and all that, but he’s the kind of billionaire I like to think I would be if I could just earn, oh, I dunno, a billion dollars.  He likes space, so he’s building a space ship, he skydives like most of us pee, he created an airline for people who enjoy the concept of getting their money’s worth, throws huge music festivals, blah, blah, blah.  I like the guy whether I want to or not.  There are just those people in life that you shouldn’t like, but there you go liking them anyway.  Today’s question:  WHO SHOULD YOU HATE BUT DON’T… AND WHY DON’T YOU?

I would say Brett Michaels, but I’d be lying because, seriously, I hate the guy.  Then there’s The Situation… no redeeming qualities except the fact that he openly admits and accepts that he has no redeeming qualities.  I can respect that.  He is the poster- boy for ‘douche’ and acknowledges his worthlessness whenever he’s confronted.  As a result, he’s grown on me.  I hate to admit it, but there you go.

As for you:

His brother… never told us why, and to be fair, we never asked

Ben Rothleiberger… the guy is a douche, possibly a rapist, but he IS clutch… which is why I hate him

Latrell Sprewell… choking his coach aside, he likes the guy

T.O.- the guy is a bit of a moron, but entertaining in his own way

Her ex… they have kids so she says she doesn’t hate him, but after talking to her, she absolutely, positively hates him

The “pompous snobs” on the English version of Top Gear because they bad- mouth America and our way of life, but he says that a lot of their pot- shots have a grain of truth

Hines Ward… quite simply, the guy plays for the Steelers so is a f**king piece of sh*t by association, but he’s actually a classy dude

Kim Kardashian… says her only redeeming quality is her, and I quote, ‘sweet, sweet ass’.  While I agree that her ass is a thing sculpted by a loving God, He doesn’t love us enough to also make her tolerable in any way.  I truly detest her to my core.

After 9 days at Disney World with his kids, says he SHOULD hate Disney, but he doesn’t

Says he should hate the Men’s Room, but he doesn’t

Big Tobacco, but points out that cigarettes are just so damn tasty, he can’t hate them

My favorite answer comes from Facebook, which is as unlikely a statement as you will ever read from me, but the answer they was that they WANT to hate that guy in the mirror, but he’s just so ‘damn adorable’


With Pain in the Grass coming up this Saturday, Jolene took us down memory lane and reviewed a lot of the bands we’ve had the opportunity to see on our stage.   Jolene will tell you all about it- here’s a link:

OK bitches, while I love you all like hot, buttered popcorn at the movie theatre, it’s time for me to go!

Until tomorrow, two fingers are fine, three won’t fit, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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08/23/2011 1:43PM
SHOW # 1334 August 23 2011
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