SHOW # 1337 August 26 2011


So our show has been on KISW for 5 and a half years, with our images (much to my chagrin) all over the website, and yet, when we do an appearance or someone stops us on the streets, Ted and I in particular, are still showered with the same comments; Ted gets the “I thought you were black” comment, and I get the “I thought you were white” comment.  The reason for the confusion are always the same; Ted likes rap and throws out the “ghetto” slang, while I like rock and speak ‘clearly’.  That’s all it takes.  Stereotypes are so ingrained in people’s minds that you’re considered unique if you are, say, yourself.  Even FBI profilers are little more than Stereotype gurus with a college degree, but in the end, their best guesses at anonymous criminals usually reflect the exact same guesses we have.  Why?  Everyone is prejudiced, but profilers found a way to get paid for it.  I don’t belittle these folks because, let’s face it, stereotypes are stereotypes because 99% of the time they’re true!  Most fat people overeat, it’s usually not a thyroid thing.  Most women overreact, it’s not that they misunderstood.  Most Asian drivers really do suck at driving, it’s not a problem with their car.  On and on it goes.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT DO YOU DO TO BETRAY YOUR STEREOTYPE?

Like I said, I speak clearly (unexpected), like rock music (unexpected), don’t like watermelon (unexpected) and whole host of other things that I’ve been told violate the tenets of being a black man.  To be fair, I never got a handbook or an instruction manual.  Always thought you were supposed to just be yourself.  Granted, because of my particular position, my outlook has always been that people who play the stereotype are doing what they think they’re SUPPOSED to be doing because they don’t have the balls to just be themselves.  That kind of thing disgusts me (if you can’t tell by my general tone) but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, I’m weird.  I can live with that.

He’s a video programmer but he rides motorcycles, drives trucks, shoots guns, fishes and hunts

White dude who can dance

He’s gay, but works construction and “hates sissy stuff”.  Says he hates the flamboyant thing

He’s black but loves to eat p*ssy… AMEN!  I don’t know where that rumor started, but it’s worked in my favor

Likes “gay” stuff like ABBA and George Michael, tear- jerker movies, etc, but isn’t gay

He’s Mexican but doesn’t drink alcohol

Female but doesn’t use sex as currency

White and can dance

Smokes and jogs… I did that when I ran cross country for a season in college.  Used to drive my coach nuts, but I was the only member of the team to win a medal.  Go figure.

D&D nerd who works for the Seahawks and Sounders

Black guy who plays role playing games

Was all- state and league MVP in high school soccer AND ran a Dungeons and Dragons night every weekend

Construction worker, involved in MMA… all time favorite movie is ‘Princess Bride’ and he’s a vegan

OK bitches, it’s Friday, but more than that, tomorrow is PAIN IN THE MOTHERF**KING GRASS!!!  Do you have tickets?  No?  Seriously?  You suck as a human being, but I forgive you.  If you DO have tickets, you’re awesome and I’ll see you there.  Looking very forward to this.  It’s always a good time.  Won’t lie to you, the band I’m looking most forward to is Witchburn.  Local band, we work with one of the members (the beautiful and talented Mischa) and seriously, they kick major ass.  You probably don’t know this, but they are honestly the hardest working band in Seattle right now and they shouldn’t be.  They are f**king awesome.  They shouldn’t have to do a Goddamn thing except wait for the offers to come pouring in.  If you’re lucky enough to see them tomorrow, you’ll agree.  I have no about that.  If you won’t be there tomorrow, catch them when you can.

That being said, all of Pain in the Grass will rock, just letting you know who I’m most psyched for.

OK, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe not… either way, have a great weekend.

Oh and if you liked Ted vs the FCC today, give this a watch.

Until Monday, do what you CONTINUE to do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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08/26/2011 2:08PM
SHOW # 1337 August 26 2011
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