SHOW # 1363 October 10 2011


Today is Columbus Day, a day we credit Christopher Columbus with discovering America.  Oddly enough, he was in the Bahamas and thought he was in India, but we’ve spent the last 500- plus years saying he discovered America.  He didn’t, but the guy got a whole holiday in his honor.  I’m not dogging our boy Chris, and to be fair, the guy who ‘invented’ bubble gum wasn’t out to create a tasty treat, he was trying to create a synthetic form of rubber for the war effort… and the people behind Viagra weren’t interested in bringing sexy back to nursing homes, they were worried about your blood pressure.  Subsequently, I didn’t actually discover Guns and Roses all those years ago, but among my friends, I’m the guy who discovered them.  On the other hand, my buddy Paul ‘discovered’ Soundgarden.   Here in Seattle, Miles ‘discovered’ Red Mill burgers, Ted discovered ‘The Wire’ and Ben discovered that dogs can be ‘yeasty’.  Download the poddamn podcast to understand what I’m talking about.  Anyway, sometimes you discovered something that you and your friends didn’t know about and you feel that you have to share.  Maybe it’s a bans, a restaurant, a game or a website, today we wanted to know:  IN YOUR LITTLE WORLD, WHAT DO YOU GET CREDITED FOR DISCOVERING?

The Quesadilla Factory in Centralia… looks like sh*t on the outside, but inside are X- Boxes, pinball machines and some really good food, so if you’re in Centralia, check it out

Was the first of his friends to discover the joy that is online shopping via Amazon or e-Bay.  I only discovered the joys this summer.  I knew they existed, but I never bought anything through them, but as I get pickier and more particular about what I want, it seems that I can find exactly what I want online

He introduced his friends to ‘Breaking Bad’ (which I need to see), ‘Seinfeld’ (which I’ve seen plenty of) and us, the Men’s Room

The Sloop in Ballard… he likes to drink (because he’s a good man) but when it comes to drinking, certain places suit you and your buddies better than others and the Sloop hits the spot for him

Discovered Japanese iced coffee… I have absolutely no idea what Japanese iced coffee is but it’s either a delicious drink or a sex move

Was the first of his friends to realize that women share the details of their sex lives with all of their friends.  Keep that in mind, gentleman and perform well

Randy’s Rolling Papers… a paper with a wire in it for easier joint passing and holding of the roach… for tobacco use only, of course

Sea Magic fertilizer… if you’ve got a garden, this is, apparently, the way to go

OK bitches, I’ve gotta go for now.  Much to do and less time to do it than I’d like.

Until tomorrow, find a crook and protect them and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/10/2011 1:41PM
SHOW # 1363 October 10 2011
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