SHOW # 1364 October 11 2011


We talked to Seattle’s own superhero, Phoenix Jones, yesterday, where he attempted to set the record straight about what happened early Sunday morning in Belltown.  To recap, Phoenix and his sidekicks were patrolling the streets when he witnessed, what he perceived, to be a fight among 7 or 8 people.  Long- story short, he peppered- sprayed four of them and was subsequently arrested for assault.  He’ll be arraigned on Thursday.  It’s no secret that Belltown is where stupid people go to express their stupidity, and that’s why Phoenix and company frequent the area.  It’s also why the neighborhood itself set up a citizen’s patrol.  Instead of only complaining about it, they organized an effort to actually do something about it.  Meanwhile, in cities across America, including here in Seattle, the Occupy Wall Street movement has gained momentum, although it’s produced pretty much no results.  Nevertheless, like the Tea Party Movement before them, the ‘occupiers’ are trying to create some kind of change that benefits the Average Joe and not just those who contribute six digits to election campaigns.  And now, outside of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a group of homeless, and their benefactors, are protesting FEMA funding cuts to their shelter.  Crime, corporate greed, basic human rights, it’s the stuff that’s always in the news, but these people are fed up enough to actually make an attempt to do something about it.  Today’s question:  EVERYONE GETS MAD AT SOMETHING; WHAT’S THE ISSUE THAT PISSES YOU OFF THE MOST AND HAVE YOU DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

Little dogs in grocery stores… I’m sure it happens in places outside of Seattle, but I’ve never seen it personally.  People are very weird about their dogs here, believe they should be able to take them any and everywhere

Over population… hasn’t and won’t have kids.  There are a lot of arguments to be made about over- population, then you look at the population centers around the globe and you realize that it’s not over- population, it’s a collective inability to take advantage of the space we have

People who tailgate… we’re assuming he means drivers and not people who enjoy multiple cocktails before a sporting event

The cost of health care… nothing he can do, so he tries to stay healthy.  The cost of health care is ridiculous, but it’s more ridiculous the lengths at which insurance companies will go to avoid to provide the service you paid for

Politics in general…. Resents the phoniness of it all

Other musicians in Guitar Center… turn up loud and play for sh*t

The Child Support system in Washington state… the issue is, the state charges what they charge for profit, not to take care of the kids

I could go on, but I’m running out of time… not unlike Keiffer Sutherland on every episode of ‘24’.

Today we covered 16 musicians best known for their accessories.  Seriously.

Here’s a link:

OK bitches, I’m outta here.  Trivia night.

Until tomorrow, touch it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/11/2011 1:40PM
SHOW # 1364 October 11 2011
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