SHOW # 1365 October 12 2011


A guy by the name of Curry Todd is a Tennessee lawmaker and he’s best known in his home state for being the man who sponsored a bill to allow people to carry a handgun into a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol.  The stipulation is that you can’t consume alcohol if your gun is on you.  Wouldn’t you know it, Curry was pulled over for a DUI and got an additional charge for having his handgun on him while intoxicated… a result of the law he created.  Reminds us of Phillip Contos, a New York motorcycle rider who died of head injuries… while participating in a ride to protest New York’s mandatory helmet law.  The irony here, in case you missed it, is that he would have survived if he’d been wearing a helmet.   That’s how it goes sometimes; we know the risks, we hear the warnings and we ignore them, only to discover that yea, maybe you SHOULDN’T stick your hand in an animal’s cage or yea, objects in mirror ARE closer than they appear!  WHAT WARNING DID YOU IGNORE, ONLY TO LEARN LATER WHY YOU WERE WARNED IN THE FIRST PLACE?

It’s not a rule I live by, but notoriously, I ignore everyone’s advice and warnings.  The reason is because I’m remarkably stupid and end up in trouble a lot more than anyone should.  I know I SHOULD listen, but I don’t, never have and it’s unlikely that I ever will.

As for you:

Worked as a firefighter, but didn’t heed the advice of wearing a mask when moving a dead body… now he knows better

Lost fingers in a wood chipper after ignoring the warning that says NOT to place any part of your body in the machine WHILE IT’S IN OPERATION

Blew up part of his Face WITH FIREWORKS… described himself as looking like the Phantom of the Opera

Three years ago he ignored the expiration date on his condoms… today he’s the proud father of a 2- year- old.  Congratulations

Got drunk at a sounders game and tapped a cop on the shoulder, the cop warned him not to touch him again… he didn’t listen, so after an abrupt headlock and scolding, he was thrown out of the stadium

Ignored the sign on the Murphy bed that warned that it was heavy… as a result, she got smashed on the head

Took 8 hits of acid and had an experience akin to doing 8 hits of acid

Walked down the stairs in roller blades… it ended about the way you assume it did

He was warned that the girl had gonorrhea, but did he listen?  No, she was SOOOOO hot.  Took pills for the next week to kill the burn

Didn’t believe that cigarettes were addictive

OK, bitches, I’m outta here.

Until tomorrow, do it slowly and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/12/2011 1:53PM
SHOW # 1365 October 12 2011
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