SHOW # 1367 October 14 2011


The folks at have come up with their latest observation of compatibility, and this time they’ve come up with what your favorite sport says about you as a couple.  A few days ago we had a list of what your drink of choice says about you, we’ve had a list of what your sleep position says about you, what your pets say about you, what your car says about you, and on and on it goes.  It seems that EVERYTHING says something about you… and that’s true.  Everyone is defined by what they do, what they like, what they wear, how they talk, bands they like, everything… but one of those things probably identifies you more than the others.  That’s what we wanted to talk about today:  BASED ON YOUR INTERESTS, WHAT IS THE FIRST THING PEOPLE THINK OF WHEN THEY THINK OF YOU?

I seem to be known for my voice… as soon as I speak, people swivel their heads around and ask if I’m on the radio, and I don’t just mean here in Seattle, I mean EVERYWHERE.  People have told me I have a “radio voice” for the last 20 years… before I got into radio.  The thing is, when I first got into radio, listeners didn’t believe that it was my real voice.  I’m also known as a drunk and for being loud… both of which are self- explanatory.  Oh, and I’ve become rather well- known for farting.  There’s a dream come true, right there.

As for you:

He’s 23 years old, he’s ex- military and a current electrician… he doesn’t like football!

He’s the BBQ guy… people always bugging him for recipes and to try their food, etc

The man who knows all things Elvis Presley… a man who died while taking a sh*t!  A SH*T!  Terrible timing

He’s known as the alcoholic… me too, but the difference is he’s 19

The Beatles… he’s a super- fan and an authority on all things Fab- 4

He’s known as the guy who drives a station wagon AND LOVES IT

Always has a knife on him… he’s the knife guy

She is my version of a nightmare; she’s the karaoke singer!  YYYYAAAAAAAAA!!!

Known for his smile, which means it’s either very nice or he looks really f**king creepy

She’s the lady who hunts and fishes

Today was a bizarre day… seems that every woman who called had huge (.)(.)’s, which is kinda cool, but EVERYBODY wanted to cuss.  No, no, they didn’t WANT to cuss, they just cussed their asses off… which I understand is a bit of an ironic statement… but poor Jeetz (who was filling in for Thee Ted Smith, who is on the east coast for ANOTHER wedding) was all over the dump button today.  One of the people who cussed actually ASKED if she could say ‘ass’, which she can, and then dropped an F- bomb about 30 seconds later.  We’re the first to admit that the FCC generally makes this stuff up as they go along, but one of the few things they’re actually aware of is what you can and can’t say.  That was tested all day today.  Kinda funny, kinda future unemployment, all rolled into one.

It’s the weekend, bitches.  Go get some.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/14/2011 1:42PM
SHOW # 1367 October 14 2011
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